Top 5 Benefits Of Heat Therapy For Relieving Pain

A woman holding on to stiff muscles on her neck and lower back.

Have you ever experienced pain on any part of your body and the doctor placed a heat pad on the affected area to help reduce the pain? This is called hot compress, or heat therapy, and it works wonders in relieving pain from various parts of the body.

How does hot compress work?

In general, hot compress speeds the healing process by increasing blood flow which brings much needed nutrients to the affected area. The heat helps dilate blood vessels in the area. It helps relax injured muscles, heal damaged tissues and improve flexibility. It works best for soothing muscle tension, tendon soreness, stiffness and relieving chronic pain.

Image of thermal scan before and after heat therapy showing improved blood circulation.

Speeding up healing process

Heat therapy promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the muscles in the affected area. This delivers more oxygen and essential nutrients to help repair damaged tissues, thus accelerating the healing process.

Calm muscle spasms

Muscle spasms, or muscle cramps, are painful contractions and tightening of your muscles. They're common, involuntary and unpredictable. Hot compress helps reduce the tightness and relaxes tense muscles in the area that contribute to the pain.

3D graphic of a woman clutching her lower back.

Reduce pain caused by stiffness

Heat therapy stretches the tissue around the affected area, helping to reduce stiffness and increases flexibility and motion. Reduced stiffness in turn makes it easier when you go about doing your daily tasks which were otherwise more difficult with the untreated pain.

Produces relaxation chemicals

Heat therapy has a relaxing effect on the body. It helps reduce stress by adjusting the chemical levels in the blood. This helps in general overall wellbeing and helps promote relaxation and quicken healing.

A woman holding on to stiff muscles on her neck and lower back.

Helps boost immunity

Raised body temperature from heat therapy helps stimulate the immune system, and long term effects of heat therapy may result in reduction of inflammation that contributes to chronic pain.

You can use hot compress treatment on generally almost any part of the body that experiences pain:

Graphic of a woman holding her back and neck.
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Stomach

OrthoRelieve includes a collection of braces that include heat therapy. Below is a list of them:


Our best selling back brace with steel and plastic supports and also includes detachable self-heating tourmaline pad for hot compress.


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Thermotherapy Belt

A wrap around tourmaline self-heating belt that warms the lower back, sides and tummy area as well. Great for cramps and back pain.


An electric heating knee brace with 3 selectable preset heat settings. For knee pain and discomfort.

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