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Image of a woman wearing the LumbarStretch back brace.
Image of the LumbarStretch mesh back brace in black color.
Image of the LumbarStretch mesh back brace in gray color.
Image of the front view of a woman wearing the LumbarStretch back brace, showing the double pull extension straps.
The double pull tension straps add support to the lumbar region.
Image of the front and rear of the LumbarStretch back brace.
LumbarStretch comes included with a steel lumbosacral support back plate, 2 steel side splints and 4 flexible metal springs for all round support and back pain relief.
A closeup image of the breathable mesh fabric and strong securing Velcro of LumbarStretch.
A closeup image of the elastic double pull straps of LumbarStretch.

LumbarStretch™ Stretchy Mesh Back Brace with Steel Plate, Splints and Heat Pad

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Relief Lower Back Pain With LumbarStretch™. Comes With Steel Support Plates and Heat Therapy Pads

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The LumbarStretch™ is a 360 degree wrap around back brace that provides professional and optimum support for the lower back, giving you hours of lower back pain relief and comfort.

Image of the LumbarStretch mesh back brace.


  • Sciatica from Herniated/Bulging discs
  • Degenerative disc syndrome
  • Sprain of lower back muscles
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Compression fracture in the lumbar region
  • Back pain from prolonged sitting
  • Lower back pain from injuries
Image of a woman wearing the LumbarStretch back brace.


LumbarStretch™ comes with a Rigid Steel Plate, 2 rigid side strips and 4 flexible springs to provide wrap around support to the lower back. This stabilizes your lumbar region, preventing sudden sideways movements that may aggravate injury and cause pain. It also comes with 3 replaceable pads, including a heat pad with embedded tourmaline magnets, which self heat, proving comfortable hot compress therapy.

LumbarStretch comes included with a steel lumbosacral support back plate, 2 steel side splints and 4 flexible metal springs for all round support and back pain relief.


Removable 9 piece self-heating tourmaline pad provides hot compress treatment that helps boost blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. This helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and reduces back stiffness.

Improved blood circulation from hot compress therapy.


The Steel Support Plates and strips are ergonomically shaped to follow the curvature of the lumbar spine, correcting your posture, and alleviating pain from pinched nerves. Flexible double pull tension straps pulls the plate forward for a stronger and firmer spine support.

The double pull tension straps add support to the lumbar region.


The LumbarStretch™ wraps tightly around your waist, firmly protecting your spine. This keeps your back straight while performing daily chores like housework or lifting items.


3 replaceable pads are included with the belt, that can be secured to the inside of the belt with Velcro. Choose any of them to suit your needs.
  • Self-Heating Pad - Contains 9 piece tourmaline for soothing heat therapy
  • Breathable Mesh with Pocket - Pad with pocket to insert an ice pack for cold compress if needed
  • Warm Velvet Pad - Nice, soft, comfortable, perfect for keeping warm in cold autumn and winter days

Image of the 3 detachable pads included in the LumbarStretch package.


LumbarStretch™ is made of a high strength, durable material. It is lightweight, and has a special breathable wire mesh design, allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool and sweat-free, even after hours of wearing.

Image of the front and rear of the LumbarStretch back brace.


Wearing LumbarStretch™ is easy. Simply hold the belt across the back of the waist, secure the primary Velcro strap, pull the secondary Velcro strap to the front and secure it. Adjust the straps for a tight fit.


Using a soft measuring tape, measure your abdomen as per the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. If you're not sure of your size, please contact our customer service at info@orthorelieve.com. Do not guess your size as this will only result in disappointment and wasted time when you receive your item and it doesn't fit.
Image showing how to measure your abdomen area.
If your measurement is this Choose this size

25.59-29.52 inch / 65-75 cm


29.92-35.43 inch / 76-90 cm


35.82-39.37 inch / 91-100 cm 


39.76-45.27 inch / 101-115 cm



Q: How can LumbarStretch™ help me with my back pain?
A: The LumbarStretch™ has a special steel plate and strips to help support the lumbar spine. The plate is curved to follow the spinal curve, so as you wear it, the plate pushes against your spine, forcing you into a straight posture. This is the naturally correct posture and any pinched nerve and sciatic pain caused by it will be instantly reduced. It also comes with a tourmaline self-heating pad which helps reduce inflammation and pain and improves blood circulation.

Q: How is LumbarStretch™ different from the others found elsewhere?
A: Most back braces in the market are just a wrap around belt. Most do not come with any rigid support for the lower back. Some braces do provide a support plate, but they do include a self heating pad. LumbarStretch brings the best of both worlds together with a back brace that include both rigid supports and heat therapy pads.

Q: Is LumbarStretch™ machine washable?
A: We do not advise to wash with a washing machine. Please remove all the pads and steel plates, then wash with warm water and soap, and air dry.


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    Color: Grey
    Size: S / M / L / XL
    Package Includes: 
    1 x LumbarStretch
    3 x Replaceable Pads (Breathable, Warm Velvet, Self-Heating)
    1 Set of Steel Plates and 2 rigid side strips
    4 soft flexible strips


    • If you're wearing it directly on the skin with the heating pad, do not wear it for more than 2 hours to avoid skin burns. If the heat becomes unbearable, please remove the belt.
    • This is not a corset or waist trainer. Do not pull so tight until it hurts.
    • Do not wear for prolonged periods.
    • Do not wear while sleeping or when pregnant.