Image of man wearing the ElbowMate elbow brace. Closeup image of ElbowMate elbow brace with removable metal splint support.
ElbowMate™ - Adjustable Elbow Support with Steel Stabilizer Splint $39.99
  * 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more Get all levels of support with ElbowMate™, our recovery elbow brace that comes with rigid steel support splints as well as flexible springs. Customize ElbowMate™ with the different combinations of support systems to suit your recovery level. Steel Support Splints and Flexible Springs ElbowMate™ includes 3pcs hard metal splints and 3pcs spring stabilizers can be easily removed from inbuild pockets, allowing you the flexibility to configure ElbowMate™ according to your needs. ElbowMate™ helps align & straightens your elbow comfortably. Multi Level Protection ElbowMate™ provides multi level support for all stages of recovery. Use the rigid steel splint if you want more stabilizing support and less mobility, great for post surgery recovery. The flexible spring splint is great when you have achieved some level of mobility or need to do work that allows some flexibility on your joints, eg, housework. Breathable Material Breathable and skin-friendly fabric material enables better air ventilation for better cooling, comfortable to wear in all day and seasons. Integrated Brace and Bandage ElbowMate™ effectively immobilizes and prevents the elbow from bending, easily helping correct and resolve upper limb paralysis, improve arm muscle weakness, suitable for an elbow fracture, night splint applicable for postoperative recovery of elbow joint. A great elbow stabilizer to help reduce elbow & forearm pain and speed your recovery from a broken or fractured elbow. Applicable Uses ElbowMate™ can help relieve pain due to Tennis elbow Tendonitis Bursitis Strains or other injuries Injury prevention Post surgery recovery How To Wear
ElbowFX™ offers strong compression for pain relief and and protection from injuries. Image of the ElbowFX elbow brace.
ElbowFX™ $23.99
  * 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more ElbowFX™ offers strong compression for pain relief and and protection from injuries. With a unique inner mesh sleeve wrapped around with an outer layer of strong breathable neoprene protective fabric, ElbowFX™ will be your companion in injury prevention during your daily activities and sports. Benefits Relaxes and expands muscles Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and clear the meridians, and enhance immunity Ease stiffness Encourage recovery Preventing sports injuries All Round Compression Stretch fabric exerts even compression around the elbow which reduces muscle fatigue and tendon stress, accelerating the body's natural recovery and alleviating stiffness & inflammation. Suitable Uses May help relieve pain from the following conditions: Strains and sprains Elbow wear and tear injuries Tendinopathy or tendinosis (Tennis elbow or golfer's elbow) Bursitis Trapped nerves Stress fractures Rheumatoid arthritis/osteoarthritis Acute & chronic pain Fatigue Ideal for post-surgery recovery Suitable for daily care Enjoy Your Favorite Sports With Full Protection Provides support and protection during activities which require extensive elbow movements, especially sports such as golf, tennis, badminton, basketball, rock climbing, cycling, etc. Breathable Mesh Fabric Constructed with a Latex-free breathable neoprene with a built-in fixed mesh fabric that's cooling to the skin, allowing air to circulate. Keeps the skin dry, manages moisture, reduces odor and keeps bacteria away. Sizing One size fits most. Can be worn on left or right arm.
Image of a woman wearing ElbowFlex orthosis arm rehabilitation brace. Image of the ElbowFlex adjustable extendable orthosis arm brace.
ElbowFlex™ - Adjustable Elbow Orthosis Brace $119.99
  Get fast recovery with ElbowFlex™ - Adjustable Elbow Orthosis Brace. This elbow orthosis brace is designed to limit the range of motion of the arm, keeping the arm safe and helping the elbow joint to regain its strength and mobility functions. Applications: Post Op and Injury Recovery Elbow injuries Ligament injuries Dislocations Epicondylitis Arthritis Broken elbow Fractures and more 0°-120° Adjustable Angle Adjustable elbow joint support can control the flexion and extension angles of the elbow freely between 0°-120° by using the angle plate. Provides the perfect fit that's suitable for all men and women. Extendable Length ElbowFlex™ can be extended and retracted to different lengths to suit wearers of different arm lengths. Removable Sling ElbowFlex™ comes with a non-slip sling and neck pad that supports your arm, the padded neck cushion design releases pressure off your neck and makes you more comfortable. The sling can be removed at the later stages of recovery. Breathable Fabric ElbowFlex™ is made with perforated composite breathable fabric that's soft and breathable, allowing you to wear for hours. Breathability allows air to permeate and make you cool and comfortable all day long. The aluminum alloy frame makes it lightweight yet strong. Easily detachable to be stored and cleaned. How to Adjust Angle Plate? Push the control lock to 'Unlock' position Adjusting flexion angle: Turn the flexion knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate. Adjusting extension angle: Turn the extension knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate. Push the control lock to 'Lock' position Available for Left or Right Arm ElbowFlex™ comes in 2 variants. For the left arm or right arm, so please choose the correct side before ordering.
Image of man wearing the orthosis rehabilitative arm brace with internal metal supports. Image of the medical orthosis arm rehabilitation brace with four securing straps for optimum support and protection from injury.
Arm Restrain Rehabilitation Brace $39.99
Our Arm Restrainer comes complete with a 3 piece steel splints that acts as both a bandage and a brace. Perfect for injury or post surgery recovery or use as a night splint. Applications: Restrains the arm to facilitate in injury recovery Postoperative recovery of elbow joint Treatment of fracture Ligament damage of elbow joint Cubital tunnel syndrome Sprains and Strains Muscle weakness Elbow pain relief Elbow fracture recovery Damaged ulnar nerve Hemiplegia treatment Rehabilitation 3 Piece Steel Splint Comes with 3 rigid steel splints that run along the length of the forearm, giving more firm support that stabilizes the arm, preventing accidental movements that may aggravate injury. Breathable Fabric Made of Skin-friendly mesh fabric, soft and breathable, comfortable to wear all day or night. Easy to Wear Designed as an Integrated brace and bandage, with a simple hook & loop fastener system with four securing straps that makes it easy to wear and remove quickly. Size Chart S: Length: 22cm, Width: 19-25cm (For children)M: Length: 31cm, Width: 26-35cm (For female)L: Length: 36cm, Width: 27-37cm (For men)
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