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An image of ThermaKnee, an electric heating knee brace that uses electrical power from your wall socket or USB cable to warm your knees and relieve knee pain. Image of the ThermaKnee electric heating knee brace.
ThermaKnee™ - Electric Heating Knee Brace (US Plug Only) $49.99 $69.99
  * Get 20% Off when you buy 2 (1 pair) Our fast-heating electric knee brace heats up in seconds, provides ultra comfy hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, and keeps your knees warm and comfortable in cold weather. It can also be used on the calf, thighs and arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps. Comfortable for use! What Is It Used For Relieve knee pain associated with: Arthritis Bursitis Strains and sprains ACL PCL MCL meniscus tear Aid in knee injury or post surgery recovery Leg or arm muscle fatigue soreness, cramps relief Keeps the knee warm in cold weather Other situations that may require hot compress treatment All Round Knee Comfort ThermaKnee™ comes with 3 preset heat settings (up to 44℃) that can be controlled through a simple pushbutton located at the front of the brace. It has an internal mesh pocket for inserting an ice pack if you wish (not included) for cold compress treatment. It's wrap around design is secured at the ends with strong Velcro, preventing it from slipping off easily. Using an AC adaptor as a power source ensures you get strongest heat output possible, giving you the best comfort in the coldest of climates. Multi-Purpose Use ThermaKnee™ is not just for the knees alone. It can also be used to relieve pain on other parts of the body like the arms, elbows, thighs and calves. How To Use Wrap the brace around your knees and secure the end Velcro tabs Plug in the power cable to the socket of the knee brace Press the button for three seconds, the button will light in red (Highest setting) Press the button again to cycle to white (Medium setting) Press the button again to cycle to blue (Lowest setting) Specifications Heat setting temperature parameters for reference:1. If you're using the USB cable to plug into a USB port of a desktop computer as the power source, the output is about 5 Volts DC: Highest (red): the temp is 111.2℉/44℃, hot Medium (white): the temp is 105.8℉/41℃, warm Lowest (blue): the temp is 100.4℉/38℃, mildly warm Note: if you connect it to a power bank with an output current higher than 500mA, the temp can be higher than the above measurements, and you can get more heat.2. If you use the AC adapter, the fixed output is 8.5 Volts DC: Highest (red): the temp is 149℉/65℃, super hot and heats in seconds Medium (white): the temp is 131℉/55℃, very hot Lowest (blue): the temp is 113℉/45℃, warm Product Dimensions Available in one size onlyLength of brace: 59cm/23inchWidth of brace: 21.8cm/8.58inch Usage Precautions If the heat becomes unbearable quickly, just pull the power cord out of the brace, then unwrap and remove the brace. Package Inclusions 1 x Knee brace 1 x Power cable with US plug adaptor 1 x USB cable
Thermobrace Pro single sleeve Thermobrace Pro double sleeve
ThermoBrace PRO - Multipurpose Rechargeable Brace With Heat/Vibration For Knee, Shoulder, Elbows from $69.99 $89.99
Introducing Thermobrace Pro, our Multi-Purpose Electric Heating and Massaging Brace. Multi-Purpose Application Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with Thermobrace Pro. Designed to provide comprehensive relief, this brace isn't just for your knees; it's your go-to solution for soothing warmth and relief on your shoulders and elbows too. Fast Pain Relief Say goodbye to muscle soreness and cramps as this brace does it all - providing warmth and hot compress treatment. It's your ideal companion for alleviating fatigue, enhancing microcirculation, and accelerating the recovery process for injury, joint tightness and stiffness. Heating and Vibration Function Experience the magic of two-in-one heating and massage with three heating levels, reaching a maximum temperature of 65℃. Choose from three invigorating vibration modes - enjoy all three functions simultaneously or select them separately based on your preferences. Preset Temperatures Low - 45℃Med - 55℃High - 65℃ Premium High Quality Materials Crafted from premium diving fabric, this electrically heated brace is incredibly lightweight and soft. It boasts exceptional elasticity, resists pilling, and offers unmatched comfort. Plus, its compact design makes it effortlessly portable, ensuring relief is always within reach. No more fumbling to keep the pad in place. Our heating pad is ingeniously designed to stay securely wrapped and locked on your leg or arm, eliminating the need to hold it by hand. Easy To Use Digital Control Navigating your personalized relief is a breeze with the digital display controller featuring touch-screen buttons. This intuitive panel displays temperature and power, allowing you to effortlessly control temperature and vibration modes. Say hello to simplicity and convenience. Why Use Heat? Heat and vibration work together to provide an innovative technique to help relieve tight muscles and stiff joints by increasing blood circulation and the temperature to the affected area. How Long To Use? Use it for 15 to 20 minutes a day to enjoy its benefits. Discover the ultimate in warmth, comfort, and relief with Thermobrace Pro. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing, effective relief - anytime, anywhere.
KneeMate is a knee brace with adjustable hinges that can be used to stabilize the knee and protect it from injuries while you enjoy your daily activities. KneeMate can be used to prevent knee injuries while you walk as well as perform a rehabilitative function in injury recovery.
KneeMate™ - Sports/Hiking Knee Brace with Side Stabilizer and Patella Pads $49.99
  Enjoy your walks and hikes without the knee pain with KneeMate™.* 1 piece only (not 1 pair)* Get 20% OFF When You Buy 2 Side Hinged Stabilizer Steel hinged supports stabilize the knee, preventing twisting movements that cause injury. Suitable Applications KneeMate™ is most suitable for the following conditions: Meniscus tear Cramps Arthritis Joint pain relief MCL, ACL, PCL injury popliteal fossa pain Patellar tendonitis Jumpers Knee Post Surgery Recovery Osteoarthritis Bursitis Sports Injuries Injury recovery Relieve Knee Pain Special 'O' ring patella cushion pads adds comfort to the knee caps during knee movement, protecting the knee from injury. Comfortable and Breathable Fabric KneeMate™ is made of breathable perforated mesh fabric that absorbs sweat quickly and makes your workouts more comfortable. Easy Adjustment KneeMate™ includes double adjustable compression bands, which can be tightened through a buckle and easily adjusted to size. KneeMate™ is suitable for size range of 12"-17.32" (30cm-44cm) How to Wear
KneeFlex is a knee brace with an adjustable angle plate for support to those with weak knees. KneeFlex is suitable for injury recovery and rehabilitative purposes.
KneeFlex™ - Knee Brace with Adjustable Angle Plate $89.99
  Stabilize your knee and prevent injury with KneeFlex™. * Get 20% OFF When You Buy 2 0°-120° Adjustable Angle KneeFlex™ is a adjustable knee joint support brace that can control the flexion and extension angles of the knee with an angle plate. It provides the perfect fit and is suitable for both men and women. Injury Prevention and Post Surgery Recovery KneeFlex™ is suitable for the following conditions: Knee collateral ligament injury Meniscal injuries Acute soft tissue injury Knee ligament strain injury ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL tears Post-stroke knee diseases Overstretched knee Knee fractures Prevents twisting movement of knee Multipurpose Design The angle plate and stent supports can be removed from the sleeve and KneeFlex™ can be used as a normal knee brace for compression and warmth. Insert the angled stents for added support after knee surgery and daily wear. Helps reduce injuries and restore strength and stability. Soft Breathable Fabric Made of high quality, soft and breathable material, that's made to last. Breathability will make you comfortable all day long, even after hours of wearing. Easy to Wear Easy wearing and removal with hook and loop fasteners, which are fixed strongly and easy to use. Detachable stent, convenient to clean. Suitable for left or right knee. How to Adjust Angle Plate Push the control lock to 'Unlock' position Adjusting flexion angle: Turn the flexion knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate. Adjusting extension angle: Turn the extension knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate. Push the control lock to 'Lock' position How to Measure Thigh Circumference: With a soft measuring tape, measure 15 cm above the knee joint. Calf Circumference: With a soft measuring tape, measure 12 cm below the knee joint. Sizing Chart  Size Thigh Circumference Calf Circumference S 39 - 45 cm 32 - 39 cm M 45 - 51 cm 39 - 46 cm L 51 - 57 cm 46 - 52 cm
KneeAssist is a knee brace with a removable metal hinge for additional support and stability for those with weak knees. Image of KneeAssist knee brace with removable hinged supports.
KneeAssist™ - Walking/Hiking Knee Brace with Hinged Support $39.99
  Enjoy your walks and hikes without the knee pain with KneeAssist™. * Get 20% OFF When You Buy 2 With its special hinged support system, KneeAssist™ is a knee brace designed to help those with weak or injured knees. The double aluminum hinged support adds strength and stability and prevents overworking of the knee causing pain and discomfort. Injury Recovery and Prevention Double rigid aluminum hinged system offers extra support and stability, holding on tightly to your knees during your walks. They help prevent excessive knee bending and also help relieve knee pain and aid in injury recovery and prevention. The hinged support brackets are removable from the pockets and KneeAssist™ can be used without them if you wish. Open Patella Design KneeAssist™ comes with an open patella design to allow relief of knee pressure and provide extra knee cap support with proper movement and tracking. This reduces stress on knee joints during exercise and heavy usage, effectively relieving acute & chronic knee pain, while maintaining comfort. Adjustable Straps KneeAssist™ is designed with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the level of pressure to suit your comfort level. Strong and Breathable Material KneeAssist™ features durable, high quality stretchable Lycra fabric, making it soft and comfortable. Mesh holes make it breathable and sweat absorbent, keeping you cool even after hours of wearing. Your Companion in Knee Pain Relief KneeAssist™ is most suitable for the following conditions: Meniscus tear Kneecap tendon tear Arthritis Strains Sprains Fatigue Post-surgery recovery Preventing injuries Sizing Chart Size Knee circumference (inch/cm) M 12.2 - 13.8 inch / 31 - 35 cm L 14.2 - 15.75 inch / 36 - 40 cm XL 16.2 - 17.7 inch / 41 - 45 cm XXL 18.1 - 19.7 inch / 46 - 50 cm
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