KneeFlex™ - Knee Brace with Adjustable Angle Plate



KneeFlex™ - Knee Brace with Adjustable Angle Plate




Stabilize your knee and prevent injury with KneeFlex™.

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0°-120° Adjustable Angle

KneeFlex™ is a adjustable knee joint support brace that can control the flexion and extension angles of the knee with an angle plate. It provides the perfect fit and is suitable for both men and women.

KneeFlex is a knee brace with an adjustable angle plate for support to those with weak knees.

Injury Prevention and Post Surgery Recovery

KneeFlex™ is suitable for the following conditions:

  • Knee collateral ligament injury
  • Meniscal injuries
  • Acute soft tissue injury
  • Knee ligament strain injury
  • ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL tears
  • Post-stroke knee diseases
  • Overstretched knee
  • Knee fractures
  • Prevents twisting movement of knee
KneeFlex is suitable for injury recovery and rehabilitative purposes.

    Multipurpose Design

    The angle plate and stent supports can be removed from the sleeve and KneeFlex™ can be used as a normal knee brace for compression and warmth. Insert the angled stents for added support after knee surgery and daily wear. Helps reduce injuries and restore strength and stability.

    Soft Breathable Fabric

    Made of high quality, soft and breathable material, that's made to last. Breathability will make you comfortable all day long, even after hours of wearing.

    KneeFlex is made from soft, durable breathable fabric that's made to last.
    Easy to Wear

    Easy wearing and removal with hook and loop fasteners, which are fixed strongly and easy to use. Detachable stent, convenient to clean. Suitable for left or right knee.

    How to Adjust Angle Plate

    1. Push the control lock to 'Unlock' position
    2. Adjusting flexion angle: Turn the flexion knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate.
    3. Adjusting extension angle: Turn the extension knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate.
    4. Push the control lock to 'Lock' position
    KneeFlex's angle plate can be easily adjusted to varying degrees of flexion and extension.

      How to Measure

      Thigh Circumference: With a soft measuring tape, measure 15 cm above the knee joint.

      Calf Circumference: With a soft measuring tape, measure 12 cm below the knee joint.

      Image showing how to measure your leg for KneeFlex knee brace.

      Sizing Chart

       Size Thigh Circumference Calf Circumference
      S 39 - 45 cm 32 - 39 cm
      M 45 - 51 cm 39 - 46 cm
      L 51 - 57 cm 46 - 52 cm
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