Top 5 Reasons Why People Buy The LumbarMate Back Brace

Image of the LumbarMate back brace with removable steel supports.

LumbarMate, the ever popular flagship back brace created by OrthoRelieve, has sold more than 3000 pieces worldwide. We recently did a customer survey on what exactly appealed to them about this back brace and compiled their answers into the top five reasons on what they liked about this simple yet remarkable pain relief device.

1. Removable Supports

Image of the LumbarMate back brace with supports that can be inserted and removed from internal pockets.

Many back braces sold in stores come with some sort of internal metal ribbing. However these are often sewn into the belt and cannot be removed. Depending on the level of injury in the patient, the permanent ribs may be uncomfortable for the patient to wear at various stages of his recovery. LumbarMate is only one of a few orthopedic back braces in the market that comes with removable steel supports. Having removable supports means the patient is able to remove them and wear the belt as is without any additional supports if desired. This means the patient can customize LumbarMate to his comfort level and recovery phase, something no other back brace in the market can do.

2. Contoured Steel Lumbosacral Support Plates

LumbarMate's steel plates are contoured to conform to the human spine, giving optimum support and protection.

The steel supports include a support plate and 2 side splints. The steel plate, which is slotted into a back pocket, sits snugly at the lower back, supporting the lumbosacral region. The 2 splints which can be inserted into two narrow pockets along the sides of the belt, support the obliques of the lower back, giving protection to the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) region. The unique feature of the steel plate and side splints is that they are contoured to follow the natural curve of the lumbar vertebrae, extending from vertebra L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5, giving a perfect ergonomic fit to the spine. This unique support feature prevents the wearer from excessive bending and twisting, avoiding aggravating an existing injury and protecting his lower back especially while performing activities like lifting.

3. Flexible Plastic Supports

The LumbarMate package includes rigid steel supports, flexible plastic supports, three detachable therapy pads, and a free bag.

In addition to the steel lumbosacral supports, LumbarMate also includes an identical set of supports, but made of flexible plastic. The plastic set is exactly the same as the steel set, with the plate and side strips, and shaped exactly the same too. The flexible supports are useful for patients who feel that the steel supports are too rigid and stiff, and require something more pliable and allows more movement as the patient recovers.

4. Three detachable pads

Thermal image showing the before and after effects of hot compress treatment with improved blood circulation as a result.

LumbarMate also includes three comfortable pads which can be attached by Velcro to the inner back of the belt, adding even more comfort to the lumbar region. The first one is a self-heating tourmaline pad, which heats up via tiny tourmaline stones on contact with your skin. Wear it for about 20 minutes and you'll feel the warmth building up. It can get pretty hot after sometime of wearing. Hot compress, or heat therapy helps to improve blood circulation and bring nutrients to the affected area, thereby accelerating the healing process. It is best used to release morning stiffness and warm up muscles before physical activity. The second pad is a mesh pad with a built-in pocket. This pad is useful if you wish to insert an ice pack (sold separately). Cold compress or cold therapy treatment, as opposed to hot compress via the heat pad, slows down blood flow, reducing swelling and pain. Cold compress is often best used for short-term pain, like that from a sprain or a strain. The third pad is a comfortable pad made from velvet fabric which can be used as an additional cushion in place of the first two pads.

5. Customizable and comfortable

LumbarMate is easily customizable with removable supports and detachable pads, allowing you to wear in comfort all day while you work.

As mentioned earlier, LumbarMate is easily customizable to suit the patient's recovery level. If the patient needs additional support and stability, the steel supports will be suitable. If the patient advances through his recovery to the stage where the steel supports are no longer needed, he may progress to using the flexible plastic supports instead. Any combination of supports may also be used, for example, a patient may opt to use the steel plate but flexible side splints, if he feels that his Quadradrus Lumborum region does not benefit as much from the additional rigid support. The secondary strap design is attached to the steel plate pocket, and when pulled forwards, pushes the lumbosacral support plate into the lower back, pressing it against the spine for a firm support, and adding additional compression to the lumbar region. The Velcro closure ensures the belt is wrapped around securely and does not slip off.

Comparing LumbarMate to other brands

The comparison chart below highlights the offerings from LumbarMate as compared to typical competitor brands.


The all-inclusive package with steel and plastic supports and therapy pads make LumbarMate great value for money for a orthopedic back brace. With supports that are removable and pads which are detachable, the patient is able to mix and match the supports to have a personalized and customized solution for their back pain relief.

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