5 Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Image of a woman rubbing her shoulders in pain.

Many Americans suffer from back pain, which is why it's doubly important for individuals to take greater care of their own health. Alarmingly, back pain is incredibly common among Americans, with about 39% of adults suffering from persistent symptoms. While chronic back pain is associated with degenerative wear-and-tear caused by aging, this kind of pain can also be caused by physically demanding jobs, pregnancy, and other health causes.

Though back pain can be common, there are fortunately numerous strategies to reduce its overwhelming symptoms on your body. So if you want to experience greater comfort, here are some tips that can help you reduce back pain:

Use a spine cracker for your posture

Many individuals don’t pay attention to their own posture until they experience back pain. Unfortunately, simple things like prolonged hunching can add strain on your back and cause painful symptoms.

To reduce the harmful effects of poor posture, simply lay on SpineCracker™ by OrthoRelieve for five minutes on the lowest setting. This sturdy back plate conforms to the human spine and pulls back your lumbar area into its natural position after hours of hunching. You can even increase the settings over time to help you stretch your upper body and minimize the pain in your lower back.

Stop slumping over your work desk

Work is one of the top causes of back pain. However, it can be difficult to be mindful of your posture when you’re focused on your work tasks.

When you’re at work, you can use ergonomic accessories that can reduce any strain on your back and neck. To illustrate, a laptop tower stand can position your screen at your eye level so that you can avoid arching your neck and back towards your computer. By getting better posture support, you can reduce back pain and increase your comfort at work, which has long-term benefits.

Wear footwear with proper support

The wrong shoes won't just make your feet ache, but can also lead to back issues.

One of the biggest culprits are shoes with heels because they pull your muscles and joints out of alignment and disrupt your back, neck, as well as your shoulders. Normal flats can be a source of pain as well, which is why experts recommend using shoes that offer proper padding and arch support instead.

Exercise on a regular basis

It may be difficult to start an exercise routine. However, regular physical activity will be good for your back because it can keep your ligaments and tendons flexible.

But rather than doing back-straining toe touches and sit-ups, fitness experts recommend hamstring stretches and wall sits to relieve your lower back pain. Meanwhile, press-up back extensions support the natural arch of your back and can improve your posture over time.

Avoid lifting heavy items

Repeated or sudden heavy lifting can cause back pain because it strains your back muscles and spinal ligaments.

As such, try to avoid lifting heavy weights by replacing the contents of your bag or even using a tool for transporting items. If it’s necessary for your work, transfer the weight to your leg muscles by bending your knees and keeping your back straight.

Back pain is an unfortunately common ailment, and one you need to actively keep track of. Fortunately, by using the right tools and following the best practices, you can maintain excellent posture, and minimize any back pain and posture issues that could cause problems in the future.


Penned by Selma Rose Thornton

for OrthoRelieve.com

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