How the SpineCracker™ Can Help Reduce Your Back Pain

How the SpineCracker™ Can Help Reduce Your Back Pain

Those of you looking for a cost effective solution to your back pain problems may be surprised by what this nifty device can do. SpineCracker, by OrthoRelieve, is a simple device that uses gravity to stretch your lumbosacral region and helps restore your spine to its healthy natural curvature. No fancy electronics, no movable parts, just a strong flexible plastic and a whole world of pain recovery awaits.

Stretch the lumbosacral region easily with SpineCracker.

Easy To Use

Designed to relieve back pain, SpineCracker is constructed of high quality yet flexible ABS plastic. It is a sturdy back plate specially curved to conform to the human spinal vertebrae. To use it simply set it on the floor and lie on top of it. Almost immediately you will feel the cracks and pops from your spine as SpineCracker helps to release years of tension from your back.

Eliminate Tension Quickly

SpineCracker pulls your lumbar into its naturally arched position. The stretch on your lumbar increases the space between the intervertebral discs in the spine. This allows nutrients and moisture to hydrate and repair the disc, easing any pressure it has on your nerves. This is great if you suffer from herniated or bulging disc, resulting in sciatica pain along your legs.

Image of a woman lying on her back on the SpineCracker, which can be adjusted to three curvature setting to suit your comfort level.

3 Curvature Settings

SpineCracker can be configured to three different curvature settings, depending on your comfort level. The lowest curvature setting is suitable for beginners who are just starting out, while the mid and advanced curvature settings are for medium to advanced users. For beginners, it is best to start with the lowest setting, and just lie on it for 5 minutes at any one time. This is necessary to let your body ease into this new unfamiliar position and to let recovery take place in stages. When you’re more comfortable, you can advance to the higher curvature settings and use it for a longer period. Changing the configuration is easy. Just slot the end of the curved flexible plate into the desired slot on the base board.

SpineCracker includes three curve arch settings for stretching the back.

88 Acupressure Points

SpineCracker also comes with unique 88 acupressure points molded into the flexi-board. These points dig deep into the skin as you lay down, increasing blood circulation and promoting natural healing and improving overall wellness. You’ll be well on your way to recovery with a device that not only relieves back pain, but also provides a deep tissue massage.

Instant Relief

Immediately as you lie down on SpineCracker, you’ll get that “Ahhh” moment as you instantly feel relaxed. After lying on it for 5 to 10 minutes, you will progressively feel a tension release on your back, the acupressure points cause a warm tingling sensation as blood circulation improves, and any pain along your legs caused by nerve compression is significantly reduced. Use it twice a day for optimal improvement in posture, and relieving chronic back pain.

Suitable For Multiple Back Conditions

SpineCracker is a great help in back pain relief caused by a multitude of conditions. These are, to name a few - herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis and pinched nerves. It is generally a great help in alleviating muscle tension in the lower back and waist area, and will be a great companion after a long, tiring day at work.

SpineCracker helps to reduce back pain and sciatica.

Benefits From Long Term Usage

It also provides long term benefits of improved flexibility of the shoulder and back muscles, and prevents backache and muscular pain. It keeps the intervertebral discs hydrated, giving you a healthy spine. It helps with increased blood circulation and relaxation, and improves your posture. SpineCracker can be used to relieve back pain in different ways. Instead of putting it on the floor, you can put it on a seat rest and use it as lumbar support while sitting.

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