Why The OrthoRelieve Lumbarmate Is By Far The Best Back Brace When It Comes To Dealing With Lower Back Pain

Why The OrthoRelieve Lumbarmate Is By Far The Best Back Brace When It Comes To Dealing With Lower Back Pain

I have tried many back braces in the past to help with my chronic back pain that I’ve had since my teenage years. Most have given only limited support and protection on the lower back, and having worn only once or twice, it gets banished to the storage closet forever, leaving me wondering if my quest for back pain relief will ever be answered.

OrthoRelieve has designed a new evolutionary back brace that is simple yet effective at relieving back pain quickly and easily.

Removable Lumbosacral Supports

The main unique feature of this belt is that it comes with a rigid steel support plate that is ergonomically shaped to conform to the curvature of the human spine. The steel plate has beveled edges such that it doesn’t make you feel like you have sharp metal poking at your skin. The plate can be slotted into pocket that’s inbuilt into the back of the belt.

A closeup image of the curved steel lumbosacral support plate included in the LumbarMate package.

Besides the steel plate there are also 2 steel side strips that can be slid into a narrow pocket located on each side of the belt. These provide additional support to the sides of the waist, reinforcing the support and preventing any sudden movement made by the wearer.

The steel plate and two side splints are all removable from special pockets built into the back of LumbarMate.

Because the steel supports are removable, the belt can be worn with or without them according to the wearer’s comfort level. The different configurations allow the wearer a stepped approach in the recovery process whereby the steel supports can be used initially to give additional support and then either have the strips removed or the plates removed (or both) at a later stage as the pain subsides.

The unique steel plates and strips alone sets Lumbarmate apart from all its competitor back braces. There are no other back braces in the market with a large 8 by 4 inch steel support plate for lumbar protection, much less a removable one. There are back braces available that come with rigid reinforced inserts, but these are highly flexible and only provide minimum support, and they can’t be removed from the belt.

The steel support plate measures roughly 9 inches in length.

Versatile Design

Many back braces in the market come with either heat pads or internal metal ribbing but not both. Lumbarmate has brought the best of both worlds together with a versatile product that includes both steel supports and heat pads combined in a single product.

Three Removable Pads

Three special pads are included that can be secured to the rear insides of the belt with a Velcro tab. Each one of them has its own separate function. One of the pads is a smooth velvet pad that can provide additional warmth on cool days, one is a mesh pad with a pocket if you want to slot in an ice pack (sold separately), and then there’s a self-heating tourmaline pad with 9 tourmaline stones built into it.

An image of the 3 pads included in LumbarMate.

For those of you who are unaware, tourmaline is a natural crystalline boron sillicate mineral that can be found in some parts of the world. It is classified as a semi precious stone and generates heat by absorbing body heat and re-radiating it back into the body. The tourmaline pads will warm up after about 20 to 30 minutes of wearing, depending on the individual. The heat generated is sufficient for most people, although it is not as hot as those electrical heating pads available elsewhere.

Protects Lower Back When Bending And Lifting

Lumbarmate lends itself very well when protecting the lower back while bending and lifting objects, or doing strenuous activities. Its wrap-around design and steel plate tightly supports the core region and waist, keeping the entire area tight and straight. With the belt on, it is quite difficult to bend forwards without keeping your back straight. This is a great advantage because so many back injuries are caused by improper lifting techniques. Here Lumbarmate demonstrates its injury prevention capabilities that even those without back problems will find it useful in protecting the lower back.

Double Strap System

The double strap system is another feature that needs to be talked about. The wearer first positions the belt around his waist and secures the main Velcro tabs, then pulls the side straps on each side of the belt towards the front to be secured by another Velcro tab. These 2 straps are attached to the back pocket which holds the steel plate. Pulling the straps forward presses the steel plate further into the lower back, providing firm and strong support to the lumbar area.

Image showing instructions on wearing LumbarMate

Post Surgery Recovery

The 360 degree wrap around design together with the steel support plate restricts the movement of the wearer, this may be either bending forwards or lateral, twisting motion of the waist. This is suitable for post surgery recovery because it prevents any accidental movement that may further aggravate injury and prolong recovery.

Back Pain Conditions

Lumbarmate is suitable for a multitude of conditions related to lower back pain. These include but are not limited to sciatica, scoliosis, spondylosis, bulging discs, herniated disc resulting in pinched nerves, piriformis syndrome, degenerative disc disease and many more. It is also suitable for those who don’t have back problems to wear it as a means of protection when doing strenuous activities like lifting work, housework, or even sports like golfing and riding.

A gif showing how the steel back plate can support the lower back.

Simple Yet Effective

Lumbarmate lends itself in the simplicity in design, but its simplicity goes a long way in dealing with back pain. The removable steel supports and replaceable pads offer the user much flexibility in usage, allowing the wearer a choice of using the steel support plate and strips or simply have them removed. The choice of the three pads will provide different benefits to the wearer and give added comfort in all seasons, based on the wearer’s needs.

Here are some reviews from happy customers who have used LumbarMate:

I have had herniated and spondylosis for 35 years. I have a desk job and sit all day which is the worst thing to do with a bad back. I love, love, love my new backbrace. It is very comfortable and really supports my back well. It's every bit as good if not better than the custom made one I had years ago. I highly recommend your back brace! - Sue F.

I like the alloy plate. Really straightens and supports my back. I have scoliosis, sciatica, and trying to stop the" hunchback " I have other posture correctors that don't work cause they don't have the plate. My belly fat rolls over and I continue to hunch. It is also inconspicuous under clothing. I have a full size alloy brace that's good but it can't be hid. I look like Igor. - Barbara W.

I'm able to move around and work again before I've been to several doctors and nothing but this has helped me get back on my feet. - Daryl H.

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