5 Advantages of Back Braces With Steel Supports

OrthoRelieve's range of orthopedic back braces comes with steel supports and ribbing. Some of the advantages of these types of back braces include the protection of the lower back when bending, allowing the wearer to bend downwards without hurting the back. The braces also prevent excessive sideways movement, this reduces injuries and avoids aggravating existing ones. Read on to find out more.
lumbar support back brace for lower back pain

OrthoRelieve's range of orthopedic back braces comes with steel supports and ribbing. There are many advantages of having an internal rigid support system within the lumbar support belt. Here are 5 of them.

1. Protects The Lower Back When Bending

Steel supports provide a rigid reinforcement to the lower back and spine and acts as a solid frame from which the lumbar area should conform to. This keeps the lower back straight even while bending down and lifting objects, preventing pain caused by a bending vertebrae acting up on pinched nerves. Many of us forget to keep our back straight while lifting heavy objects, thereby potentially risking our lower backs to injuries like herniated or bulging discs.

2. Prevent Excessive Bodily Movement

Many back injuries are triggered by excessive sideways movements to the lower back, causing misalignment and possible disc protrusion. This can come in the form of sports injuries or sudden movements in elderly people or those with pre-existing back injuries. A back brace with steel supports wraps tightly around the waist, restricting sudden aggressive movements that can trigger new injuries or further aggravate existing ones.

3. Supports Core and Keeps Balance

Back braces with steel supports are especially helpful for people with weak core muscles. The brace helps support their lower body in situations where they have to bend slightly forwards, causing their body's center of gravity to tip forward. This helps keep their balance and prevents them from falling.

4. Corrects Posture and Promotes Healthy Spine

The tight wrap around feature of the back brace makes it difficult to bend the body forwards or even hunch for that matter. This means the body will be continuously subject to a straight posture, keeping the spine healthy and properly aligned. Over time, muscle memory will be trained and your back will naturally be straight without the need for the back brace.

5. Reduce Pinched Nerves and Reduce Sciatica

A spine that is straight and properly aligned in it's natural form means that any intervertebral disc protrusions are kept at bay and any nerve impingement as a result of that are also reduced. This reduces nerve pain like sciatica that can run down the entire leg.

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