LumbarLITE™ - The Back Brace That's Lite On Your Wallet

Image of a woman wearing the LumbarLite back brace.
LumbarLITE™ is OrthoRelieve's budget friendly lumbar support back brace. Not only is it lite on the wallet, it also provides generous protection and support to the lower back region.
Closeup image of the LumbarLite back brace and it's features.

LumbarLITE™ is suited for most common back problems like lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, simple back ache, waist injuries, post surgery recovery, and sciatica etc. It also offers good protection during physical activities like lifting heavy objects, and sports.

LumbarLite has 4 metal strips inserted in 4 slots along the lower back to give optimum support.

It has four simple semi-flexible metal strips that are sewn into the belt, that surround the lumbosacral and quadratus lumborum region. These strips offer a good amount of compression, and offer good support and stability to the waist, core muscles and mid section area.

LumbarLite uses double pull straps that help add compression and stability to the mid section.

LumbarLITE™ is suitable for all genders, and is useful for anyone wanting additional support to the lower back to relieve back pain, or to prevent back injuries while on the move. These may include people who spend long hours sitting at their desk like office workers, or drivers, people who are involved in heavy lifting work like construction workers, delivery people, movers and laborers, the stay home mom doing household chores, of the avid gardener who frequently need to bend his back to do his work.

Woman wearing LumbarLite back brace.

LumbarLITE™ is constructed of a special mesh material that allows air to pass through easily, making it breathable and cooling to wear for long hours. The material is also soft and lightweight, and comfortable on the skin of the wearer, although many will choose to wear it over clothes.

LumbarLite is made of thick elastic webbing and comfortable breathable mesh that keeps you cool and sweat free, even after hours of wearing.

Wearing LumbarLITE™ is easy. Simply wrap the belt around your waist and secure the main Velcro tabs, then pull the secondary pull straps on each side and secure them to the front with the Velcro. It's available in sizes from 'M' to 'XXL', which covers an abdomen measurement of up to 43.3 inches.

To summarize, LumbarLITE™ is the back brace of choice to the budget conscious wearer, and provides a good level of support and protection to the lower back.

  • Budget friendly
  • Good solution to most common back pain issues
  • Comfortable to wear with breathable fabric

At just $42.99, you can get LumbarLITE™ here:

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