Relieve Back Pain With Thermotherapy Belt

Image of a woman wearing the Thermotherapy Belt, a tourmaline self heating back brace.

OrthoRelieve's Thermotherapy Belt is a new wrap around waist belt that uses tiny tourmaline stones that self heat on contact with your skin.

Close up image of the Thermotherapy belt, a self heating belt that provides hot compress therapy for relief of back pain.

The tourmaline pads are stitched onto the insides of the belt, and surround the waist area all round from the lower back to the front covering the tummy area as well.

The Thermotherapy belt is perfect for those experiencing the following conditions:
  • General low back pain
  • Lumbar disc herniation
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Stomach Cramps

What is Hot Compress Therapy and how does it help you?

Thermal image of a person before and after hot compress therapy, showing improved blood circulation.
Hot compress therapy (or thermotherapy) is the process of subjecting an area on the body to a targeted heat source to raise its temperature. Heat treatment for injury recovery has been used for hundreds of years as a medical cure and has been known to loosen stiff joints and soothe out aching muscles. When a sore joint or sprained muscle is subjected to heat, the blood vessels around the area get larger, allowing more protein, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to the injured tissues to facilitate recovery and promote faster healing. The improved blood circulation as a result of the heat treatment quickly suppresses pain and soreness.

How do tourmaline stones work in generating heat?

Close up image of tourmaline stones sewn into the fabric of the Thermotherapy belt.

When worn, Thermotherapy Belt produces natural heat within 20 minutes to relax your achy back muscles. The tiny tourmaline stones in the belt work by absorbing your body temperature and radiating it back into your skin to soothe your painful back area and relax sore muscles after a day of strenuous work on the computer, physical labor, or after playing sports. Tourmaline stones hold an intrinsic electrical conductivity that help boost the magnetic properties for deep pain relief. Heat from the Thermotherapy belt may cause your skin to become reddish, an indication that it's working. This heat can also remain for up to 2 hours after you've taken it off.

Natural heat created this way has been known to improve blood circulation, which in turn helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after a hard workout. It helps to increase mobility & flexibility in your torso, and also provides deep, long lasting muscle relief.

Stretchy Elastic Fabric

Closeup image of the Thermotherapy Belt showing its high quality material.

The Thermotherapy Belt is made from high elastic fine texture fiber cloth that's soft to handle, with vented and breathable elastic side panels, keeping you cool and comfortable all day. Adjustable Neoprene double pull braces ensure strong compression so that you can get the best support and protection.

Who Should Use It?

Image showing the types of people who will benefit from the benefits of Thermotherapy belt.

Generally Thermotherapy belt can be used by anyone who has general back problems. These could include herniated disc, sciatica or lumbar pain from muscle strains and sprains. It is suited also for people who want to keep their waist and stomach warm, especially during the colder months. It is also suited for those who work in sedentary jobs such office workers, for people who exercise regularly, and those who experience menstrual stomach cramps.

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