LumbarMate™ - NEW

$59.99 $85.99 -31% OFF


LumbarMate™ - NEW

$59.99 $85.99 -31% OFF


Relief Lower Back Pain with Steel Supports and Heat Therapy

✅ Naturally eliminates chronic back pain and sciatica
✅ Save on chiropractor costs
✅ Improves stability and posture
✅ Protects and prevents injury

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LumbarMate™ is a back brace designed to provide compression for the lower back. It relieves lower back pain and improves stability with specially contoured lumbosacral steel and flexible support plates and side splints. These plates and splints are removable and can be slotted into a back pocket built into the belt.


There are three pillars of support that LumbarMate offers

1. Protection
LumbarMate can be used to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Its strong support firmly binds your lower back together, preventing movements that could injure your back. Wearing LumbarMate will force your lower back to be straight while lifting heavy objects. This will prevent injuries like slipped discs which can lead to sciatica. LumbarMate is also useful while you're performing other back breaking tasks like household chores, gardening, driving, travelling, walking or even when playing golf.
2. Relief

LumbarMate can be used to relieve lower back pain caused by various conditions. These include but not limited to:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging disc
  • Herniated disc
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Mild scoliosis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Strains and sprains

*The severity of your condition will determine how effective LumbarMate is. If you're unsure if LumbarMate is suitable for you, please seek advice from a medical professional before making a purchase,

3. Recovery

LumbarMate can be used as a post-operative rehabilitative brace to assist in quicker recovery and healing after an operation. The rigid steel and flexible plastic supports allow LumbarMate to be customizable to your comfort level and recovery journey.


    LumbarMate also includes 3 detachable pads that can be secured to the inside of the belt with Velcro. These are optional, and should be used one at a time:

    Self-heating tourmaline pad

    This pad consists of small tourmaline stones that heat up on contact with your skin. It provides hot compress therapy that helps improve blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, reducing inflammation and soreness, aiding in pain relief.

    Mesh pad with pocket

    This pad is made of breathable mesh material with an inbuilt pocket for you to insert an ice-pack (sold separately) for cold compress therapy if you wish.

    Comfortable velvet pad

    This velvet pad provides additional cushion and comfort to the lower back region, giving extra warmth, making LumbarMate more comfortable especially in cooler weather.


    LumbarMate can be customizable to your comfort level and recovery journey. For example, if you're a patient recovering from a lower back injury and require more support, the rigid steel plate and splints will be essential at the initial stages. When your condition improves, you might require less support and may be more comfortable with using just the flexible plastic supports. You can also use a combination of steel plate and flexible splints or vice versa, allowing you to optimize the support to suit your comfort level.



    LumbarMate™ is specially recommended to treat back pain associated with

    Lumbarmate comes with both steel and plastic support plates that are removable.

      We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, secure ordering and 24/7 customer support.

    Unlock Freedom from Back Pain: How LumbarMate Brings Relief & Recovery

    Dealing with a herniated disk can really make life tough. Things like walking or even just standing can be a huge struggle. You experience agonizing pain when getting off a chair, and you can't bend over without the support of your hands. The simplest tasks seem impossible, and it's affecting your life everyday.

    You might have tried different things like visiting a chiropractor, which is very expensive, or taking pain killers, which provide only temporary relief. The moment you stop, the pain returns, and you're back to square one. You probably would have been recommended surgery by your Doctor, but the thought of the huge costs involved and the high risks scares you. You look at your injury-free friends with envy, and wish your pain would just go away.

    Using Contoured Steel Lumbosacral Supports, LumbarMate isn't just any other back brace. By aligning your spine and improving blood flow to your lower back, LumbarMate helps your body heal itself and speed up recovery from a herniated disk. With daily use, you'll start feeling better and doing the things you love without that constant pain holding you back.

    Get Faster Recovery With LumbarMate

    LumbarMate was developed by a team of dedicated professionals after extensive study into common lower back injuries, specifically herniated disks.

    The objective was to find a way to naturally heal the injury and reduce pain without having to resort to risky and expensive procedures like surgery, or physical therapy. The result is a simple and cost-effective solution that combines targeted support and hot compress treatment – a unique blend that’s transforming lives.

    This back brace uniquely addresses the behavior of herniated disks, and its associated symptoms, like sciatica, empowering thousands with tangible relief. It is easy of use, and delivers noticeable pain relief within just a few weeks.

    To further drive the point across, here are some grim statistics that were the motivating factors in the development of LumbarMate.


    An estimated 112 million (44%) American adults are struggling to pay for healthcare, and more than double that number (93%) feel that what they do pay is not worth the cost.

    - Study conducted by Westhealth and Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm


    An estimated 20% to 40% of back surgeries fail, with repeated surgeries bearing an even higher risk. Merely 30% of back surgeries achieve success.

    - Study conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists


    Special double pull tension straps push the support plates against the spine, providing compression and support for the lower back.

    The support plates are contoured to follow the spinal curve. This compression aligns the spine, restores the spinal curvature, improves posture, and helps relieve pinched nerves that could cause sciatica, a pain that runs down the buttocks and legs.

    This stabilizes your mid section, minimizing sudden twisting and bending movements that may aggravate existing injury, or cause new ones. This paves the way for faster recovery time.


    LumbarMate™ is designed to benefit everyone, regardless of background, profession, or age. It's ideal for individuals with sensitive lower backs, prone to injuries or experiencing chronic pain.

    Whether you're an office worker spending long hours at a desk, involved in physical labor such as construction, moving, or cleaning, or engaged in activities like travel, biking, driving, or horseback riding.

    It's also great for sports enthusiasts participating in activities like running, walking, or golf. Even homemakers managing housework, cleaning, or gardening, as well as retirees and seniors, can find support and comfort with LumbarMate™.


    Discover the LumbarMateback brace - your ultimate support and protection companion! Embrace the power of curved steel lumbosacral support plates, expertly contoured to cradle your spine, enhancing stability in the lumbosacral region while preventing aggravating twists. Not stopping there, additional splints lend invaluable support to the Quadratus Lumborum region, a key contributor to back pain. Plus, we've got a surprise for you - the LumbarMatepackage includes an extra set of flexible ABS plastic supports, giving you full customization options for your recovery journey. Your back, your choice! Don't miss out!


    Say hello to improved blood circulation and welcome relief with LumbarMate! Our advanced back brace features a cutting-edge tourmaline self-heating pad that works like magic on your skin. Velcro-attached to the inner back, it warms up in minutes, delivering a soothing hot compress therapy. Feel the rush of nutrients and oxygen as blood circulation gets a boost, nurturing your joints and muscles. Witness the power of healing as damaged muscles recover, inflammation fades away, and stiffness becomes a thing of the past. Embrace the warmth, embrace the relief!


    Unleash the power of LumbarMate - your everyday guardian! Its double pull tension straps embrace your back with extra compression, keeping it straight and safeguarding against those pesky bending, lifting, and twisting movements. Whether you're conquering your workday at the desk or tackling heavy lifting, LumbarMate has your back - literally! Embrace the freedom from worries and move with confidence!

    LumbarMate is Recommended And Endorsed By Professionals

    Watch Dr. Adam J. Story's review and demonstration of LumbarMate™

    How LumbarMate Compares With Other Brands

    How LumbarMate Compares With Other Treatment Methods

    How LumbarMate Compares With Other Brands


    LumbarMate™ is the ultimate blend of strength and comfort! Crafted from high-quality, durable material, this brace is built to withstand any challenge that comes your way. Its unique breathable mesh structure ensures a refreshing breeze, keeping you cool and sweat-free, even during the toughest of tasks! Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to endless support and relief.


    1. LumbarMate™ back brace
    2. Steel support plate and splints
    3. Flexible support plate and splints
    4. Self-heating pad
    5. Breathable mesh pocket pad
    6. Warm velvet pad


    Wearing LumbarMate™ is easy. Simply follow the steps in the image, or you can watch a video demonstration.


    Measure around your abdomen using the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart with your measurement. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. Do not rely on your pants size or waist size as these may be inaccurate. If your measurement is at the upper boundary of a size range, please select the next bigger size. For example, if your measurement is 36 inches, please select 'large'.

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