Arm Restrain Rehabilitation Brace



Arm Restrain Rehabilitation Brace



Our Arm Restrainer comes complete with a 3 piece steel splints that acts as both a bandage and a brace. Perfect for injury or post surgery recovery or use as a night splint.

Image of man wearing the orthosis rehabilitative arm brace with internal metal supports.


  • Restrains the arm to facilitate in injury recovery
  • Postoperative recovery of elbow joint
  • Treatment of fracture
  • Ligament damage of elbow joint
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Elbow pain relief
  • Elbow fracture recovery
  • Damaged ulnar nerve
  • Hemiplegia treatment
  • Rehabilitation
Image showing common elbow conditions that can be addressed by the rehabilitative arm brace.

    3 Piece Steel Splint

    Comes with 3 rigid steel splints that run along the length of the forearm, giving more firm support that stabilizes the arm, preventing accidental movements that may aggravate injury.

    Layout of the medical orthosis rehabilitation arm brace with removable metal splints for arm injury recovery and pain relief.

    Breathable Fabric

    Made of Skin-friendly mesh fabric, soft and breathable, comfortable to wear all day or night.

    Image showing the features of the orthosis rehab arm brace.

    Easy to Wear

    Designed as an Integrated brace and bandage, with a simple hook & loop fastener system with four securing straps that makes it easy to wear and remove quickly.

    Size Chart

    S: Length: 22cm, Width: 19-25cm (For children)
    M: Length: 31cm, Width: 26-35cm (For female)
    L: Length: 36cm, Width: 27-37cm (For men)

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