Results may vary between individuals, depending on the severity of your injury. We advise that the product be used for a maximum of 10 mins at any one time. Use a pillow or towel as additional support for your head. Stop using if pain worsens and consult a medical professional for advise immediately. Children should be supervised at all times by an adult when using the product. When not in use, store away in a safe place out of reach of children. If the product is to be used by an adult with physical or mental disabilities, it must be supervised by another able bodied adult. The site does not recommend self-management of health issues.

We encourage you to hold realistic expectations and exercise discretion on usage. This product is not a miracle device and is not meant to replace your therapist or physiologist. It may or may not help in eliminating your discomfort. It depends on the severity of your condition. OrthoRelieve is not at liberty to advise you on the best treatment for your condition. You partake in the usage of this product at your own risk. OrthoRelieve will not be held responsible for any injury or mishaps caused by the usage of this product.

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