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BUTTPLUSH™ can be used as a floor cushion BUTTPLUSH™ relieves ischial tuberosity pain
Buttplush™ Folding Cushion $39.99 $49.99
BUTTPLUSH™ is a plush, comfortable cushion that can be folded and stored. It can be used as a floor or seat cushion, used indoors or at the office. Easily bring it on your travels, to the parks, picnics, concerts, get togethers and more!   HOW IT WORKS BUTTPLUSH™ is designed to cushion your hips. Its unique shape puts you into the correct sitting posture, allowing you to sit longer more comfortably YOUR NEW COMFORT COMPANION BUTTPLUSH™ is filled with Thick Foam, with a plush fabric surface that's soft to touch. It turns your chair or floor into an ergonomic, pain-relieving cushion. COMPACT & FOLDABLE Most traditional seat cushions are heavy and bulky and hard to carry around. BUTTPLUSH™ can be folded into half its size and fits easily into your bag. It comes with a clasp to secure the two halves together for easy storage and portability. THE CUSHION FOR ALL OCCASIONS BUTTPLUSH™ can be used anywhere. It will be your new companion for the home and office, or use it outdoors like the park bench, picnics, beaches, bleachers, concert chairs, stadiums, trains, planes, coaches, car seats, churches, family gatherings, restaurants, malls...and more! VERSATILITY AT ITS BEST BUTTPLUSH™ isn't just a seat cushion, it can be used in a variety of ways too. Double it up as a floor cushion, knee support, back support, head pillow or even a foot rest.   *Not recommended for persons over 80 kg (176 lbs)
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