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ComfyNeck - Ultra Comfort Neck Brace





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Our ultra comfortable neck brace is not only a fashion statement in itself but also a great companion for neck pain relief from various conditions such as Cervical Spondylosis.

Image of a woman using the ComfyNeck neck brace while traveling.


    ComfyNeck can be used as a brace for prevention as well as pain relief.
    • Benign neck injury, neck brachial neuralgia and neck pain
    • Mild cervical cirrhosis, chronic neck pain, migraine
    • All kinds of pain caused by cervical spondylosis and the regulation of joint instability
    • Pain and injury prevention
    • Support and correct neck posture, prevent chronic strain
    • Postoperative and rehabilitative care, torticollis (wryneck), compression syndromes, rheumatic and/or degenerative disorders
    • Prevent your head from lowering (the habit of lowering your head when playing mobile phones or reading books)
    • Prevent stiff neck
    • Available for office break by car or plane
    • It can be used as a scarf in winter to provide warmth to the neck
    ComfyNeck can be used to relieve pain for a multitude of neck conditions.

      What Is Cervical Spondylosis and What Problems Can It Cause?

      Cervical spondylosis is a general term for age-related wear and tear affecting the spinal disks in your neck. As the cervical disks start to dehydrate and shrink, signs of osteoarthritis will develop, these include bony projections along the edges of bones (bone spurs). Cervical spondylosis is extremely common and worsens as a person gets older. Typically, cervical spondylosis begins around age 40 and gets worse over time, and men tend to develop it earlier than women. More than 85 percent of people older than age 60 are affected by cervical spondylosis. The following symptoms can be caused by cervical spondylosis:
      • Blurred vision
      • Dizziness, headache, migraine and upper limb numbness
      • Heart discomfort
      • High blood pressure
      • (Cervical spondylosis can cause secondary hypertension, which is called neck-originated hypertension in medicine.)
      • Difficulty swallowing
      • Stomach discomfort
      Graphic of a man with neck pain.

      Soft and Comfortable

      ComfyNeck is made from medium density mixed sponge and EVA foam, which is soft and comfortable and does not easily deform with long term usage. Its fabric is comfortable and breathable and keeps you cool throughout the day. It is ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of the neck.
      ComfyNeck is soft, comfortable. and is ergonomically designed to fit the neck.

          3 Versions Available

          ComfyNeck is available in 3 versions that have different levels of support and applications for your individual needs.


          The Comfort version provides soft support for the neck. Compared with the other two versions, it is more flexible and comfortable, and is more suitable for sleeping.


          The Enhanced version contains an EVA foam board, which provides stronger support for the neck. If you want better but not too hard support, please choose this one.


          The Dual-Use version is equivalent to the enhanced version, but you can remove the supporting board to make it more comfortable.

            Three versions of ComfyNeck are available, depending on your needs.

            Which Version Should You Choose?

            Choosing the version is easy. Just refer to the chart below to pick the one that suits your needs. If you want neck brace you can sleep in, then the Comfort and Dual-Use versions will be suitable. If you need a brace for recovery and rehabilitative purposes, then the Enhanced and the Dual-Use will be the best choice.

            Chart showing the different uses of ComfyNeck.

            Measurement and Sizing Chart

            There are 2 measurements you need to make - the neck height and neck circumference as shown in the diagram below. Then refer to the sizing chart to pick the right size.

            ComfyNeck sizing chart
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