NeckAnvil™ - Neck Traction Pillow


NeckAnvil™ - Neck Traction Pillow



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Long hours of sitting at the desk, or looking down at mobile phones and other devices can put a strain on your neck. If unchecked, this may result in herniated disc from the cervical vertebrae, pinching on nerves that run down the arms into the hands. This causes pain, tingling, numbness along the arms and hands, and the problem worsens as we get older.

Image of a woman holding her neck in pain.

The NeckAnvil™ is a cervical traction pillow designed to relieve tension on the neck by decompressing the cervical vertebrae. It works by using the weight of your head to perform a gentle traction on your neck, restoring the natural curve of the cervical spine, and lengthening the gaps between the vertebrae, allowing oxygen, fluids and nutrients to flow back into the gaps to nourish the discs.

Image of NeckAnvil and its features.

How Can NeckAnvil™ Help You?

  • Decompress the discs within the neck
  • Relieves pressure on the pinched nerves
  • Smooths out and soothes neck muscles
  • Eliminates neck pain and shoulder stiffness
  • Gets rid of numbness and tingling along the shoulders, arms and hands
    Image of a woman resting on NeckAnvil.


    NeckAnvil™ can be used to treat various conditions associated with neck pain. These include but are not limited to:

    • Brachialgia (Cervical Radiculopathy)
    • Chronic neck pain
    • Shoulder soreness
    • Pinched nerves
    • Tension headaches
        A woman grabs her neck and shoulders in pain.

        Easy To Use

        Other neck devices can be complicated to set up and use, involving doors or rope or pulleys and just aren't practical. Simply place NeckAnvil™ on the floor or bed and lie on it for 5 to 10 mins at a time. Feel the neck stretching out nicely, giving you an amazing feeling as you meditate and relax.

        Image of woman resting her neck on the NeckAnvil.

        Ergonomically Shaped

        NeckAnvil molds perfectly into the back of the neck, and restores the natural curve often lost when sitting for long periods. It also has acupressure points that help to release tight muscles at the back of your neck. It is perfect for those struggling with chronic neck pain, shoulder soreness, pinched nerves, tension headaches, or those sitting for long periods.

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