LumbarExtreme™ Heavy Duty Back Brace (Up to 6XL)



LumbarExtreme™ Heavy Duty Back Brace (Up to 6XL)




Unleash Pain-Free Living with LumbarExtreme™. Say goodbye to lower back pain with the ultimate heavy-duty support - LumbarExtreme™. Made with cutting-edge neoprene backing for superior comfort and support, this brace is your solution to back pain. Available in sizes up to 6XL, there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Unparalleled Protection

Get ready to experience the power of relief with LumbarExtreme™! Our Heavy Duty back brace provides unparalleled protection and support to your lower back, ensuring perfect alignment and maximum muscle relaxation. With its revolutionary neoprene backing, LumbarExtreme™ harnesses the heat retention properties to keep your back muscles warm and reduce the risk of injury. And that's not all, its dual tension pull strap system provides an extra boost of compression and stability, making it the ultimate back brace on the market!

Image of a man wearing LumbarExtreme plus size back brace.

Strong and Sturdy Support

Experience the ultimate in back protection with LumbarExtreme™. This innovative brace features metal support splints placed in four individual pockets surrounding your lower back, providing all-around support and stability to the lumbosacral region.

Image of the LumbarExtreme back brace with locations of the 4 metal support splints.

Breathable Comfort

Designed with your comfort in mind, LumbarExtreme™ is made of breathable nylon mesh, with an inner neoprene wrap for heat retention. It also features rubber tracking on each side of the metal support splints to keep the brace in place while you move.

Closeup of the LumbarExtreme neoprene fabric.

Everyday Wear

LumbarExtreme™ is perfect for everyday use. Lightweight, stylish, and rugged, it can be worn on top or under your clothing. Whether you're sitting at the office, gardening, driving, or doing household chores, this back brace will keep your back protected and pain-free. It's also ideal for heavy lifting jobs in the construction industry.

Image of a woman wearing the LumbarExtreme back brace from the rear view.

Effective Pain Relief

LumbarExtreme™ is specifically designed to relieve lower back pain, strains, and sprains. Its tight wrap-around design is perfect for alleviating conditions like sciatica, slipped disc, muscle spasms, and herniated disc. Use it in conjunction with a rehabilitation program for best results.

Unique Double Pull Design

Closeup image of the LumbarExtreme back brace.

Experience superior compression and support with LumbarExtreme™'s double pull design. Two stretchable straps increase compression, pushing the brace closer to the body, while still allowing flexibility in movement.

Closeup image of the fabric of LumbarExtreme.

Fits All Body Types

LumbarExtreme™ includes sizes up to 6XL, accommodating abdomen measurements up to 64.1 inches (163 cm). No matter your body type, this back brace will provide the support and comfort you need. Get your LumbarExtreme™ today and start living pain-free!

Image of a plus sized man and woman wearing the LumbarExtreme back brace.

How To Wear LumbarExtreme™

Watch the video on how to wear the LumbarExtreme back brace.

Waist Measurement and Size Guide (Important)

Using a soft measuring tape, measure your waist as per the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. If you're not sure of your size, please contact our customer service at Do not guess your size as this will only result in disappointment and wasted time when you receive your item and it doesn't fit.
Image showing how to measure abdomen for the correct size.

Sizing Chart

 If your measurement is this Choose this size
23.6 - 32.6 inch / 60 - 83 cm S
30.3 - 36.6 inch / 77 - 93 cm M
35.4 - 40.5 inch / 90 - 103 cm L
39.3 - 44.4 inch / 100 - 113 cm XL
43.3 - 48.4 inch / 110 - 123 cm XXL
47.2 - 52.3 inch / 120 - 133 cm 3XL
51.1 - 56.2 inch / 130 - 143 cm 4XL
55.1 - 60.2 inch / 140 - 153 cm 5XL
59 - 64.1 inch / 150 - 163 cm 6XL


  • This is not a corset or waist trainer. Do not pull so tight until it hurts.
  • Do not wear for prolonged periods.
  • Do not wear while sleeping or when pregnant.
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