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Lumbarmate is a back brace to relief lower back pain caused by herniated, bulging disc and sciatica Lumbarmate includes lumbosacral support plates and side splints for protection of the lower back
LumbarMate™ $59.99 $85.99
Relief Lower Back Pain Naturally Without Risky Surgery Or Expensive Physical Therapy ✅ Naturally relieves back pain from herniated disks✅ Save on chiropractor costs and risky surgery✅ Improves spinal alignment and stability✅ Recovery, protection, prevention of injuries *FREE Shipping to US, UK, AU and NZ What Is It Used For? LumbarMate™ relieves lower back pain caused by Herniated or bulging discs Degenerative disc disease Strains and sprains Piriformis syndrome Loose ligaments Osteoporosis Scoliosis And many other conditions Size Chart  If your measurement is this Choose this size 27.5 - 31.8 inch / 69.9 - 80.7 cm S 31.9 - 36.2 inch / 81.0 - 91.9 cm M 36.3 - 40.6 inch / 92.2 - 103.2 cm L 40.7 - 45.0 inch / 103.4 - 114.3 cm XL 45.1 - 49.4 inch / 114.5 - 125.5 cm 2XL 49.5 - 53.9 inch / 125.7 - 136.9 cm 3XL
Image of a woman wearing the LumbarPro back brace that includes 6 inbuilt metal support stays for firm support and protection from injuries. Closeup image of the LumbarPro back brace with six metal stays and mesh design for breathability.
LumbarPro™ $89.99
Prepare to put an end to back pain with LumbarPRO, the professional premium back brace that promises the ultimate comfort and support. Equipped with cutting-edge 3D weaving technology, this brace provides a comfortable and precise fit that you have to experience to believe. LumbarPRO raises the bar for back support, bringing relief like never before. Embrace the best in back support and bid farewell to back pain with this top-of-the-line brace. Get Immediate Pain Relief with 6 Splints Eliminate your back pain with LumbarPRO! This premium back brace boasts 4 Memory-Aluminum stays and 2 strategically placed steel springs for exceptional, all-around support. No more lumbar arthritis, disc herniation, sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, or ankylosing spondylitis - LumbarPRO is here to help. Obtain the robust and efficient support you need to lead a pain-free life! Most Breathable Air Mesh LumbarPRO is designed to bring an end to discomfort and provide top-of-the-line support for those who suffer from lower back pain. The combination of Air-Mesh channels and 4-way elastic material ensures breathable and flexible support, while the inner layer of soft velvet fabric gives a smooth, comfortable feel. Whether you're in the recovery process from a surgery or in need of extra support for work or daily activities, this back brace offers the ultimate comfort and support. Put an end to discomfort and experience the benefits of superior back support with this innovative back brace. Extra Strong Support Experience relief from lower back pain with the strength of double pull tension straps! These straps have been expertly engineered to be 4 times stronger than other available back braces, providing maximum compression to the back and reducing discomfort. Suitable for both men and women, these straps give you the peace of mind that your lower back is receiving the support it needs. Elevate your approach to back pain relief with the powerful double pull tension straps. Superior Fit And Comfort Prepare to receive the ultimate in back support with LumbarPRO! This brace sets itself apart from others in the market, thanks to its construction with advanced 3D Knitting Technology. Our unique digital designs are crafted with state-of-the-art machinery for a seamless, comfortable, and well-fitting back brace. Enjoy all-day support and relief from discomfort with LumbarPRO! Anti-Slip Technology Experience the strength of unparalleled support with LumbarPRO - the back brace engineered to conquer even the toughest pain. No longer worry about slipping or sliding with its 2 Silicone Anti-Slip Bands, perfectly placed for maximum stability. The gentle materials used in the construction of LumbarPRO ensure that your skin and clothing are protected from discomfort or damage. The double pull straps with extra strong Velcro promise to elevate your stability to new levels. Prepare to feel support like never before with LumbarPRO! Extra Large Sizes Unleash the power of pain-free movement with LumbarPRO, the back brace that fits like a glove! With size ranges spanning from 23.6 inches (60 cm) to 66.9 inches (170 cm), this back brace is the perfect solution for individuals of all body types. No matter your size, LumbarPRO will provide the comfort and support you need to live life to the fullest! Get Everyday Protection Transform your daily life and work with LumbarPRO! No longer endure lower back pain while performing heavy lifting, golfing, household chores, gardening, desk work, or prolonged standing and sitting. With LumbarPRO, you'll be able to enjoy the ultimate protection and relief for your lower back, empowering you to handle any task with ease and comfort. Welcome a life free from pain with LumbarPRO! Sizing Chart Using a soft measuring tape, measure your abdomen as per the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart with your measurement. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. If you're not sure of your size, please contact our customer service at info@orthorelieve.com. Do not guess your size as this will only result in disappointment and wasted time when you receive your item and it doesn't fit. If your measurement is this Choose this size 23.6 - 29.5 inch / 60 - 75 cm S 29.5 - 37.4 inch / 75 - 95 cm M 37.4 - 45.3 inch / 95 - 115 cm L 45.3 - 55.1 inch / 115 - 140 cm XL 55.1 - 66.9 inch / 140 - 170 cm XXL
Back view of a man wearing the LumbarExtreme back brace that has sizes up to 6XL. Closeup image of the LumbarExtreme back brace.
LumbarExtreme™ Heavy Duty Back Brace (Up to 6XL) $89.99
  Unleash Pain-Free Living with LumbarExtreme™. Say goodbye to lower back pain with the ultimate heavy-duty support - LumbarExtreme™. Made with cutting-edge neoprene backing for superior comfort and support, this brace is your solution to back pain. Available in sizes up to 6XL, there's a perfect fit for everyone. Unparalleled Protection Get ready to experience the power of relief with LumbarExtreme™! Our Heavy Duty back brace provides unparalleled protection and support to your lower back, ensuring perfect alignment and maximum muscle relaxation. With its revolutionary neoprene backing, LumbarExtreme™ harnesses the heat retention properties to keep your back muscles warm and reduce the risk of injury. And that's not all, its dual tension pull strap system provides an extra boost of compression and stability, making it the ultimate back brace on the market! Strong and Sturdy Support Experience the ultimate in back protection with LumbarExtreme™. This innovative brace features metal support splints placed in four individual pockets surrounding your lower back, providing all-around support and stability to the lumbosacral region. Breathable Comfort Designed with your comfort in mind, LumbarExtreme™ is made of breathable nylon mesh, with an inner neoprene wrap for heat retention. It also features rubber tracking on each side of the metal support splints to keep the brace in place while you move. Everyday Wear LumbarExtreme™ is perfect for everyday use. Lightweight, stylish, and rugged, it can be worn on top or under your clothing. Whether you're sitting at the office, gardening, driving, or doing household chores, this back brace will keep your back protected and pain-free. It's also ideal for heavy lifting jobs in the construction industry. Effective Pain Relief LumbarExtreme™ is specifically designed to relieve lower back pain, strains, and sprains. Its tight wrap-around design is perfect for alleviating conditions like sciatica, slipped disc, muscle spasms, and herniated disc. Use it in conjunction with a rehabilitation program for best results. Unique Double Pull Design Experience superior compression and support with LumbarExtreme™'s double pull design. Two stretchable straps increase compression, pushing the brace closer to the body, while still allowing flexibility in movement. Fits All Body Types LumbarExtreme™ includes sizes up to 6XL, accommodating abdomen measurements up to 64.1 inches (163 cm). No matter your body type, this back brace will provide the support and comfort you need. Get your LumbarExtreme™ today and start living pain-free! How To Wear LumbarExtreme™ Watch the video on how to wear the LumbarExtreme™ back brace. Waist Measurement and Size Guide (Important) Using a soft measuring tape, measure your waist as per the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. If you're not sure of your size, please contact our customer service at info@orthorelieve.com. Do not guess your size as this will only result in disappointment and wasted time when you receive your item and it doesn't fit. Sizing Chart  If your measurement is this Choose this size 23.6 - 32.6 inch / 60 - 83 cm S 30.3 - 36.6 inch / 77 - 93 cm M 35.4 - 40.5 inch / 90 - 103 cm L 39.3 - 44.4 inch / 100 - 113 cm XL 43.3 - 48.4 inch / 110 - 123 cm XXL 47.2 - 52.3 inch / 120 - 133 cm 3XL 51.1 - 56.2 inch / 130 - 143 cm 4XL 55.1 - 60.2 inch / 140 - 153 cm 5XL 59 - 64.1 inch / 150 - 163 cm 6XL Precautions: This is not a corset or waist trainer. Do not pull so tight until it hurts. Do not wear for prolonged periods. Do not wear while sleeping or when pregnant.
Image of a woman wearing the LumbarStretch back brace. Image of the LumbarStretch mesh back brace in black color.
LumbarStretch™ Stretchy Mesh Back Brace with Steel Plate, Splints and Heat Pad $89.99
  Relief Lower Back Pain With LumbarStretch™. Comes With Steel Support Plates and Heat Therapy Pads  * 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more The LumbarStretch™ is a 360 degree wrap around back brace that provides professional and optimum support for the lower back, giving you hours of lower back pain relief and comfort. What Is It For? Sciatica from Herniated/Bulging discs Degenerative disc syndrome Sprain of lower back muscles Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis Compression fracture in the lumbar region Back pain from prolonged sitting Lower back pain from injuries How It Helps Your Lower Back? LumbarStretch™ comes with a Rigid Steel Plate, 2 rigid side strips and 4 flexible springs to provide wrap around support to the lower back. This stabilizes your lumbar region, preventing sudden sideways movements that may aggravate injury and cause pain. It also comes with 3 replaceable pads, including a heat pad with embedded tourmaline magnets, which self heat, proving comfortable hot compress therapy. Improves Blood Circulation With Hot Compress Treatment Removable 9 piece self-heating tourmaline pad provides hot compress treatment that helps boost blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. This helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and reduces back stiffness. Corrects Your Posture The Steel Support Plates and strips are ergonomically shaped to follow the curvature of the lumbar spine, correcting your posture, and alleviating pain from pinched nerves. Flexible double pull tension straps pulls the plate forward for a stronger and firmer spine support. Keep Your Back Straight While Bending The LumbarStretch™ wraps tightly around your waist, firmly protecting your spine. This keeps your back straight while performing daily chores like housework or lifting items. 3 Replaceable Pads 3 replaceable pads are included with the belt, that can be secured to the inside of the belt with Velcro. Choose any of them to suit your needs. Self-Heating Pad - Contains 9 piece tourmaline for soothing heat therapy Breathable Mesh with Pocket - Pad with pocket to insert an ice pack for cold compress if needed Warm Velvet Pad - Nice, soft, comfortable, perfect for keeping warm in cold autumn and winter days Comfortable and Breathable LumbarStretch™ is made of a high strength, durable material. It is lightweight, and has a special breathable wire mesh design, allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool and sweat-free, even after hours of wearing. Easy To Wear Wearing LumbarStretch™ is easy. Simply hold the belt across the back of the waist, secure the primary Velcro strap, pull the secondary Velcro strap to the front and secure it. Adjust the straps for a tight fit. Measurement and Size Guide (Important) Using a soft measuring tape, measure your abdomen as per the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. If you're not sure of your size, please contact our customer service at info@orthorelieve.com. Do not guess your size as this will only result in disappointment and wasted time when you receive your item and it doesn't fit. If your measurement is this Choose this size 25.59-29.52 inch / 65-75 cm S 29.92-35.43 inch / 76-90 cm M 35.82-39.37 inch / 91-100 cm  L 39.76-45.27 inch / 101-115 cm XL Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can LumbarStretch™ help me with my back pain?A: The LumbarStretch™ has a special steel plate and strips to help support the lumbar spine. The plate is curved to follow the spinal curve, so as you wear it, the plate pushes against your spine, forcing you into a straight posture. This is the naturally correct posture and any pinched nerve and sciatic pain caused by it will be instantly reduced. It also comes with a tourmaline self-heating pad which helps reduce inflammation and pain and improves blood circulation.Q: How is LumbarStretch™ different from the others found elsewhere?A: Most back braces in the market are just a wrap around belt. Most do not come with any rigid support for the lower back. Some braces do provide a support plate, but they do include a self heating pad. LumbarStretch™ brings the best of both worlds together with a back brace that include both rigid supports and heat therapy pads. Q: Is LumbarStretch™ machine washable?A: We do not advise to wash with a washing machine. Please remove all the pads and steel plates, then wash with warm water and soap, and air dry. Product Specification Color: Grey/BlackSize: S / M / L / XLPackage Includes: 1 x LumbarStretch™3 x Replaceable Pads (Breathable, Warm Velvet, Self-Heating)1 Set of Steel Plates and 2 rigid side strips4 soft flexible strips Usage Precautions: If you're wearing it directly on the skin with the heating pad, do not wear it for more than 2 hours to avoid skin burns. If the heat becomes unbearable, please remove the belt. This is not a corset or waist trainer. Do not pull so tight until it hurts. Do not wear for prolonged periods. Do not wear while sleeping or when pregnant.
Image of a man wearing the LumbarForce back brace. Closeup image of the LumbarForce back brace.
LumbarForce™ $89.99
The new LumbarForce™ utilizes a unique double pull tension interwoven cross strap design to provide reinforced support to the lower back and Quadratus Lumborum (QL) area. It comes complete with an assortment of metal splints to ensure firm protection and fast recovery from injury. Get More Compression With Interweaving Cross Straps LumbarForce™ features fully adjustable, highly elastic double pull tension cross straps arranged in a special interweaving cross hatch configuration to ensure optimum support and stability for the lower back. The cross tension applied on the opposing obliques provide for a stronger compressional force to the lumbosacral region. The strap ends are secured with high strength Velcro that keeps the belt in place and prevents it from shifting while you're on the go. What Is It Used For? LumbarForce™ can be used to relieve back pain associated with many conditions: Bulging or herniated discs Sciatica Scoliosis Strains and sprains Osteoporosis Piriformis syndrome Loose ligaments Stenosis Degenerative Disc Disease And many other conditions It can also be used for injury prevention or post operative care and rehabilitation. The Quadratus Lumborum - What Is It And How It Contributes To Lower Back Pain The Quadratus Lumborum is an abdominal muscle that's located in the lower back on either side of the lumbar spine. It supports good posture and helps stabilize your spine when you bend to the side or extend your lower back. Many times through daily activities the QL becomes tight and is often overlooked as a main contributor of lower back pain. LumbarForce™ addresses this issue with reinforced support. More Support With 4 Metal Strips and 3 Flexi Springs LumbarForce™ includes 4 metal splints and 3 flexible springs that offer all round 360 degree compression. The metal strips are curved to follow the human spine and are removable from pockets built into the belt. These supports surround the entire lower back region including the Quadratus Lumborum area. Improve Blood Circulation With Hot Compress Therapy LumbarForce™ includes a self-heating tourmaline pad that provides hot compress therapy to improve blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow to joints and muscles. This helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and promotes healing. Customize Your Recovery LumbarForce™ includes 3 detachable pads that can be secured to the inner back of the belt. These are the self-heating tourmaline pad, a breathable mesh with pocket for you to insert an ice pack for cold compress treatment, and a warm velvet pad for extra comfort and cushion. Use whichever one you need to suit your comfort level. Breathable and Comfortable Material LumbarForce™ is made of full mesh air breathable fabric. Together with the one-piece high elastic design and original interweaving cross straps, it makes the wearing experience much more comfortable than other back braces. Who should use it? LumbarForce™ is perfect for people who suffer from chronic back pain, or who just want extra protection for their back. These may include the construction worker involved in heavy lifting work, to the stay home mom doing housework, the gym rat going about his rounds, or the office worker who's stuck behind the desk all day. It can also include those who are recovering from a back injury or those needing post-operative care and rehabilitation. It is suitable for both male and female. Sizing Chart  Size Length Suitable Waist(cm) Suitable Waist(Inch) M 90 cm 70 - 80 27.5" - 31.5" L 100 cm 80 - 90 31.5" - 35.5" XL 110 cm 90 - 105 35.5" - 41.4" XXL 120 cm 105 - 115 41.4" - 45.3" How to wear Wearing LumbarForce™ is easy. Just wrap the belt across your waist and secure the end with the Velcro tabs. Then pull both the tension straps forwards and secure them at the front to the Velcro.
Image of a man wearing the LumbarMax back brace. LumbarMax includes a central steel plate and ten steel springs that surround the lumbosacral region for optimum support.
LumbarMax $64.99
Get more protection with LumbarMax™, our professional back brace with all round support for optimum stability. Made with advanced 3D weaving technology that ensures the most precise fit and support. You'll be getting more out of this back brace than any other. Get Maximum Support with 11 Support Splints LumbarMax™ contains 1 central solid curved lumbosacral steel support and 10 memory spring stays that are 4 times harder than the commonly used Polypropylene strips in other back braces. The supports line up along the entire lower back offering a 360° stronger vertical support, preventing excessive rolling of your muscles and decreasing the pressure on your discs. Fast Back Pain Relief LumbarMax™ helps in relieving back pain caused by some of the most common back problems like lumbar arthritis, disc herniation, sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and ankylosing spondylitis etc. Breathable Mesh Material The Air-Mesh channels of the brace provide comfort for all-day wear even while doing the toughest work. It is made of 4-way stretch elastic material, incorporating the latest in 3D knitting technology to ensure superior fit and comfort. The inner layer is made of smooth velvet fabric, giving an ultimate baby-skin-like silky touch when wearing it under clothes, perfect for post-operative recovery or wearing under clothes. Extra Strong Support The back support double pull tension straps are designed to be 4 times stronger than other back braces, which only means you get stronger compression around the back, relieving lower back pain. Digitally Designed For Superior Fit And Comfort LumbarMax™ is made with advanced 3D Knitting Technology, where the entire brace is produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece, using digital designs which are created from a computer that are then fed into intelligent machinery that offer much more precise control over traditional weaving techniques. This precision in production results in a stronger brace that has superior fit, is seamless and comfortable. Get Everyday Protection LumbarMax™ can be used to protect your lower back while heavy lifting, playing golf, doing housework, gardening, working at the desk etc. It is also useful in relieving back pain from prolonged standing or sitting. Sizing Chart Using a soft measuring tape, measure your abdomen as per the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart with your measurement. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. If you're not sure of your size, please contact our customer service at info@orthorelieve.com. Do not guess your size as this will only result in disappointment and wasted time when you receive your item and it doesn't fit. If your measurement is this Choose this size 23.6 - 33.5 inch / 60 - 85 cm L 33.5 - 39.4 inch / 85 - 100 cm XL 39.4 - 45.3 inch / 100 - 115 cm XXL 45.3 - 55.1 inch / 115 - 140 cm XXXL
Back view image of a woman wearing the LumbarFix back brace. Closeup image of LumbarFix back brace.
LumbarFix™ Hi Stretch Back Brace with Steel Bar Support $89.99
  Relieve Back Pain in Style with LumbarFix - The Ultimate Solution for Comfort and Support. Introducing LumbarFix - the ultimate back brace designed to provide you with unparalleled comfort and support. Say goodbye to back pain and embrace a pain-free lifestyle with our innovative and stylish solution. Relief Back Pain In Style With LumbarFix, you can finally alleviate back pain while staying in style. Our seamless design and stretchy fabric ensure sheer comfort and optimal pain relief. It's time to reclaim your freedom and move with confidence. LumbarFix is is best suited for mild to moderate back pain associated with the following conditions: Bulging or herniated discs Sciatica Scoliosis Strains and sprains Disc herniation Piriformis syndrome Loose ligaments Degenerative Disc Disease And many other conditions Unmatched Support With High Strength Steel Bars Experience the power of LumbarFix's four curved high strength steel support bars. These bars are strategically positioned to evenly distribute support to your lower back, lumbosacral region, and waist. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to strong vertical support. Prevent Back Injuries and Stay Active LumbarFix is not just about pain relief; it's also your companion in preventing back injuries. Whether you're lifting heavy objects, standing for extended periods, or engaging in physical activities, our adjustable straps provide the perfect compression and support to keep you protected. Cool and Comfortable All Day Long We understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable, even during extended wear. LumbarFix's lightweight and breathable fabric dissipates heat easily, ensuring you stay cool and sweat-free throughout the day. No more sacrificing comfort for pain relief. Seamless, Stretchy and Stylish LumbarFix is designed with your comfort in mind. Our seamless fabric design ensures a smooth and irritation-free experience, while the stretchy and elastic material provides durability and flexibility. It's a worthwhile investment that will serve you for years to come. Sizing Chart LumbarFix™ Size Suitable Waist Size (cm/inches) S 60 - 75cm (24 - 29 inches) M 76 - 80cm (30 - 31 inches) L 81 - 85cm (32 - 33 inches) XL 86 - 98cm (34 - 39 inches) How To Wear LumbarFIX? Wearing LumbarFix is easy. Just wrap the belt across your waist and secure the end with the Velcro tabs. Then pull both the tension straps forwards and secure them at the front to the Velcro.
Image of a woman wearing the Thermotherapy Belt, a tourmaline self heating back brace for back pain relief and relief of stomach cramps. Close up image of the Thermotherapy belt, a self heating belt that provides hot compress therapy for relief of back pain.
Thermotherapy Belt $33.99
Relieve back pain with our Thermotherapy Belt. Using tourmaline stones, the belt warms on contact with your skin, providing you with soothing and comfortable hot compress therapy, relieving pain and discomfort, and helping to improve blood circulation. What Is It Used For? The Thermotherapy Belt is best suited for the following conditions: General low back pain Lumbar disc herniation Sciatica Muscle sprains and strains Stomach Cramps Fast Heating Hot Compress Therapy The belt heats quickly and has a lasting effect. The heat increases blood circulation and helps relieve pain associated with joint and back problems. It helps to relax muscles and reduces fatigue. It supports the waist, and helps to maintain a good posture. Benefits of Hot Compress Therapy Hot compress therapy (or thermotherapy) is the process of subjecting an area on the body to a targeted heat source to raise its temperature. Heat treatment for injury recovery has been used for hundreds of years as a medical cure and has been known to loosen stiff joints and soothe out aching muscles. When a sore joint or sprained muscle is subjected to heat, the blood vessels around the area get larger, allowing more protein, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to the injured tissues to facilitate recovery and promote faster healing. The improved blood circulation as a result of the heat treatment quickly suppresses pain and soreness. Enhanced Healing Capacity Tiny tourmaline stones sewn neatly into an even cross hatch pattern in the belt help absorb body heat and converts and re-radiates that energy into the form of infrared energy back through the skin. This energy is absorbed by molecules from the cells within our skin, which in turn enhance healing capacity in our bodies. Wrap Around Thermotherapy The Thermotherapy belt includes self heating tourmaline pads that cover the entire lower back region as well the front portion, ensuring you get warm support for your tummy as well. Perfect for stomach cramps. Stretchy Elastic Fabric The Thermotherapy Belt is made from high elastic fine texture fiber cloth that's soft to handle, with vented and breathable elastic side panels, keeping you cool and comfortable all day.  Adjustable Neoprene double pull braces ensure strong compression so that you can get the best support and protection. Who Should Use It? People who have herniated disc, sciatica or lumbar pain People who want to keep their waist warm People who work in sedentary jobs such as office workers People doing regular exercise People who have stomach cramps Size Chart Use a soft measuring tape, measure your waist area, then refer to the sizing chart below to select your size.  Size Waist (cm) Waist (Inches) M 80 - 98 31 - 38.5 L 90 - 102 35.4 - 40.1 XL 100 - 106 39.3 - 41.7 XXL 105 - 118 41.3 - 46.5 XXXL 115 - 128 45 - 50.5 XXXXL 120 - 138 47 - 54.3 Usage Precautions Do not use if you are fitted with a heart pacemaker or metal stents and other electronic devices inside your body Pregnant women and children should not use this product Do not use if you have a high fever or damaged skin Not recommended for people with skin allergies or skin that is sensitive to temperature Do not use if you have acute soft tissue impairment Patients with serious trauma, high blood pressure or any other disease.
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Image of a woman wearing the wearable ice pack for relief of back pain. The wearable ice pack can be secured around the waist with elastic straps.
Wearable Ice Pack - Relieve Back Pain Quickly (Free Size) $39.99 $49.99
Looking for an easy and convenient way to relieve your nagging back pain? Look no further than our Wearable Ice Pack! Made with super absorbent gel beads, this back brace can be easily stored in your freezer for just 2 hours, and then it's ready for use. Benefits of Cold Compress Treatment Cold compress treatment has many benefits in injury recovery and relief. Here are some of them: Slows down blood flow Reduces swelling and inflammation Preventing or limiting bruising Sooth injured muscles Effective relief for minor injuries such as sprains Reduces overall recovery time General pain relief Perfect For Your Lower Back Our Wearable Ice Pack is specifically designed for the lower back, and is perfect for treating a variety of conditions like low back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, slipped discs, degenerated discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spinal fusion of the back, back arthritis, tailbone fracture and other injuries. Application Areas The Wearable Ice Pack is suited for the following applications: Sore and aching back, swelling and sprains, muscle pain and spasms, mild arthritis Best used for short-term pain, like that from a sprain or a strain. Can be used on other areas of the body like the legs, tummy, shoulder and waist. How To Use Put the ice pack in the freezer for 2 hours, and it's ready for use. Simply wrap it around your waist area and secure the Velcro straps.
Image of a man wearing the posture corrector with lumbar support. Closeup image of the posture corrector with lumbar support.
Posture Corrector with Lumbar Support $49.99
A simple, non-surgical way to correct slouching, improve posture, and help relieve pain from shoulders and back. Corrects posture with lumbar support strips Reduce back pain Develops muscle memory Regains self confidence Convenient and easy to wear No surgery or medication required Aligns the spine and neck Get Rid Of Slouching And Restore Healthy Spine Slouching and poor posture can cause long term damage to the bone and nerves. If left uncorrected, will lead to muscle and nerve disorders with resultant pain and discomfort. Long term poor posture from slouching can result in a protruding Intervertebral disc, or commonly known as slipped disc. If the slipped disc impinges on the sciatic nerve, this will cause a sharp pain to run down either or both legs, known as sciatica. This makes it difficult to walk, stand and sit. It is debilitating and greatly affects the quality of life. Chiropractic and other forms of treatment could help alleviate the pain to some extent, but the healing usually reaches a plateau and you're still left with some residual pain for the rest of your life. Our Posture Corrector with Lumbar Support deals with this problem before it even begins. It not only helps correct your posture, but supports your lumbar region as well. The posture corrector pulls your shoulders back, while the lumbar support forces your lower back into a natural arch. The result is a very natural body posture. You will find it difficult to slouch while wearing it. It can be used at home, office, gym, yoga room and outdoors. It can also be worn directly over clothes. Thoracic And Lumbar Support The posture corrector includes a pair of parallel semi-flexible double support splints that line the length of the back from the lower to upper back. This support covers both the Thoracic and lumbar regions, spanning T1 to T12 and L1 to L5. Breathable Material The posture corrector is made from breathable fabric which is soft on the skin with its ventilation mesh promoting air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Its pull straps are secured with strong Velcro, keeping the brace firmly in position while you're on the move. How To Wear Unfasten all Velcro straps that may be adhered to each other. Place the posture corrector over your back with straps over your shoulders. Fasten the elastic waist strap at the front. Be sure not to over tighten. Pull shoulder straps under your arms cross behind your back and move forward. Fasten at the front on top of the waist strap. Sizing Chart Measure your waist circumference and select your size using the size chart below. Available size Waist size (inch / cm) S 25.5 - 35.4 inch / 65 - 90 cm M 29.5 - 37.4 inch / 75 - 95 cm L 33.4 - 39.3 inch / 85 - 100 cm XL 35.4 - 41.3 inch / 90 - 105 cm 2XL 37.4 - 43.3 inch / 95 - 110 cm 3XL 33.4 - 45.2 inch / 100 - 115 cm 4XL 43.3 - 47.2 inch / 110 - 120 cm
Image of a man wearing the posture corrector with therapeutic magnets. Closeup image of the posture corrector with therapeutic magnets.
Posture Corrector with Therapeutic Magnets $49.99
  Our Posture Corrector with Therapeutic Magnets is the perfect solution to your back problems. Utilizing the benefits of magnetic therapy, 10 therapeutic magnets aligned along the spine will ensure good blood circulation and relieve pain on your back. It can be worn at home or at work, inside or outside of clothes, now you can experience posture correction and pain relief throughout the day. What Are The Benefits? Eases back and shoulder tension and chronic back pain with Magnetic Therapy Helps adolescent children prevent hunchback Helps the sedentary office worker correct the sitting posture for prevention of back problems Builds healthy posture habits through training of muscle memory Pulls your shoulder back and prevents slouching Reshapes the body by giving strong support to the back and waist Helps in injury recovery - gives compression to the back and shoulders, useful for post-surgery care Features 10 therapeutic magnets improves blood circulation, relieves the back pain and prevents spinal deformation Made of comfortable breathable material, you can wear it at work, at home, and while exercising Fully adjustable and easy to wear Unisex design for men and women Lightweight and portable, convenient for carrying and washing 5 available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL Magnetic Therapy - How Does It Work? Magnetic therapy is an alternative medical practice that uses static magnets to relieve pain and other health issues. It is believed that magnets increase the production of amino acids and positively affect the entire body. They accelerate the metabolism, increase blood circulation and help the body restore proper function. Magnets can help oxygen and nutrients arrive at the location of injury quickly so as to repair the damage and reduce pain. Magnetic therapy is commonly used to treat pain associated with fibromyalgia, neuropathy, sciatica, and arthritis. Back Pain Relief With Therapeutic Magnets Ten therapeutic magnets aligned strategically along the spine help to increase blood circulation, promote healing and relieve pain from both the thoracic and lumbosacral regions. Quality Material The Posture Corrector with therapeutic magnets is made from high quality strong and breathable material with double pull straps for a second layer of compression and support. Strong metal buckles on the shoulder straps allow easy adjustability for the perfect fit. Size Chart The Posture Corrector with Therapeutic Magnets comes in 5 sizes. Simply measure your waist circumference and refer to the chart below to select the correct size for you.  Size Waist (inch/cm) S 25 - 32 inch / 64 - 82 cm M 29 - 36 inch / 74 - 91 cm L 33 - 39 inch / 85 - 100 cm XL 35 - 43 inch / 90 - 110 cm 2XL 40 - 48 inch / 102 - 122 cm
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Image of the SpineCracker back stretching device. SpineCracker in blue color
The SpineCracker™ - Stretch Your Spine and Relieve Years of Tension $39.99 $59.99
Release years of built up tension on your back with the SpineCracker™. Simply lay down on this magnificent piece of engineering and crack all your vertebrae bones at once, giving you immediate pain relief. The ultimate relaxation tool after a long hard day. The SpineCracker™ Lumbar Stretcher is the solution for those with chronic back pain. It uses gravity to traction your spine into its natural arch position. This will stretch your spine, hydrate the intervertebral discs, reduces nerve compression, and keep your spine healthy. As you lay down, its 88 acupressure points will dig deep into all areas of your back, providing you with a deep tissue massage and releasing years of built up tension on your back muscles. Any back pain caused by tight muscles, nerve impingement from herniated discs, and poor spinal alignment immediately disappears. Use this for 10 minutes a day and you'll see a difference in just a few weeks. 3 Level Adjustable Settings SpineCracker™ comes with 3 adjustable arch settings to suit your comfort level. Start with the lowest arch level and move up to the highest as you get more comfortable. Benefits and Features Relieve chronic back pain from herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and pinched nerves Restores healthy natural curvature of your back. Prevents backache and muscular pain Keeps intervertebral discs hydrated Reduce nerve compression Loosen tight muscles Increase range of motion and flexibility Increase blood circulation and relaxation 88 acupressure points for deep tissue massage Improve Posture and confidence 3 adjustable arch settings available Central foam support for additional comfort How To Install SpineCracker™ How To Use SpineCracker™
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An image of ThermaKnee, an electric heating knee brace that uses electrical power from your wall socket or USB cable to warm your knees and relieve knee pain. Image of the ThermaKnee electric heating knee brace.
ThermaKnee™ - Electric Heating Knee Brace (US Plug Only) $49.99 $69.99
  * Get 20% Off when you buy 2 (1 pair) Our fast-heating electric knee brace heats up in seconds, provides ultra comfy hot therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery, and keeps your knees warm and comfortable in cold weather. It can also be used on the calf, thighs and arms to relieve muscle soreness and cramps. Comfortable for use! What Is It Used For Relieve knee pain associated with: Arthritis Bursitis Strains and sprains ACL PCL MCL meniscus tear Aid in knee injury or post surgery recovery Leg or arm muscle fatigue soreness, cramps relief Keeps the knee warm in cold weather Other situations that may require hot compress treatment All Round Knee Comfort ThermaKnee™ comes with 3 preset heat settings (up to 44℃) that can be controlled through a simple pushbutton located at the front of the brace. It has an internal mesh pocket for inserting an ice pack if you wish (not included) for cold compress treatment. It's wrap around design is secured at the ends with strong Velcro, preventing it from slipping off easily. Using an AC adaptor as a power source ensures you get strongest heat output possible, giving you the best comfort in the coldest of climates. Multi-Purpose Use ThermaKnee™ is not just for the knees alone. It can also be used to relieve pain on other parts of the body like the arms, elbows, thighs and calves. How To Use Wrap the brace around your knees and secure the end Velcro tabs Plug in the power cable to the socket of the knee brace Press the button for three seconds, the button will light in red (Highest setting) Press the button again to cycle to white (Medium setting) Press the button again to cycle to blue (Lowest setting) Specifications Heat setting temperature parameters for reference:1. If you're using the USB cable to plug into a USB port of a desktop computer as the power source, the output is about 5 Volts DC: Highest (red): the temp is 111.2℉/44℃, hot Medium (white): the temp is 105.8℉/41℃, warm Lowest (blue): the temp is 100.4℉/38℃, mildly warm Note: if you connect it to a power bank with an output current higher than 500mA, the temp can be higher than the above measurements, and you can get more heat.2. If you use the AC adapter, the fixed output is 8.5 Volts DC: Highest (red): the temp is 149℉/65℃, super hot and heats in seconds Medium (white): the temp is 131℉/55℃, very hot Lowest (blue): the temp is 113℉/45℃, warm Product Dimensions Available in one size onlyLength of brace: 59cm/23inchWidth of brace: 21.8cm/8.58inch Usage Precautions If the heat becomes unbearable quickly, just pull the power cord out of the brace, then unwrap and remove the brace. Package Inclusions 1 x Knee brace 1 x Power cable with US plug adaptor 1 x USB cable
Thermobrace Pro single sleeve Thermobrace Pro double sleeve
ThermoBrace PRO - Multipurpose Rechargeable Brace With Heat/Vibration For Knee, Shoulder, Elbows from $69.99 $89.99
Introducing Thermobrace Pro, our Multi-Purpose Electric Heating and Massaging Brace. Multi-Purpose Application Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with Thermobrace Pro. Designed to provide comprehensive relief, this brace isn't just for your knees; it's your go-to solution for soothing warmth and relief on your shoulders and elbows too. Fast Pain Relief Say goodbye to muscle soreness and cramps as this brace does it all - providing warmth and hot compress treatment. It's your ideal companion for alleviating fatigue, enhancing microcirculation, and accelerating the recovery process for injury, joint tightness and stiffness. Heating and Vibration Function Experience the magic of two-in-one heating and massage with three heating levels, reaching a maximum temperature of 65℃. Choose from three invigorating vibration modes - enjoy all three functions simultaneously or select them separately based on your preferences. Preset Temperatures Low - 45℃Med - 55℃High - 65℃ Premium High Quality Materials Crafted from premium diving fabric, this electrically heated brace is incredibly lightweight and soft. It boasts exceptional elasticity, resists pilling, and offers unmatched comfort. Plus, its compact design makes it effortlessly portable, ensuring relief is always within reach. No more fumbling to keep the pad in place. Our heating pad is ingeniously designed to stay securely wrapped and locked on your leg or arm, eliminating the need to hold it by hand. Easy To Use Digital Control Navigating your personalized relief is a breeze with the digital display controller featuring touch-screen buttons. This intuitive panel displays temperature and power, allowing you to effortlessly control temperature and vibration modes. Say hello to simplicity and convenience. Why Use Heat? Heat and vibration work together to provide an innovative technique to help relieve tight muscles and stiff joints by increasing blood circulation and the temperature to the affected area. How Long To Use? Use it for 15 to 20 minutes a day to enjoy its benefits. Discover the ultimate in warmth, comfort, and relief with Thermobrace Pro. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing, effective relief - anytime, anywhere.
KneeAssist is a knee brace with a removable metal hinge for additional support and stability for those with weak knees. Image of KneeAssist knee brace with removable hinged supports.
KneeAssist™ - Walking/Hiking Knee Brace with Hinged Support $39.99
  Enjoy your walks and hikes without the knee pain with KneeAssist™. * Get 20% OFF When You Buy 2 With its special hinged support system, KneeAssist™ is a knee brace designed to help those with weak or injured knees. The double aluminum hinged support adds strength and stability and prevents overworking of the knee causing pain and discomfort. Injury Recovery and Prevention Double rigid aluminum hinged system offers extra support and stability, holding on tightly to your knees during your walks. They help prevent excessive knee bending and also help relieve knee pain and aid in injury recovery and prevention. The hinged support brackets are removable from the pockets and KneeAssist™ can be used without them if you wish. Open Patella Design KneeAssist™ comes with an open patella design to allow relief of knee pressure and provide extra knee cap support with proper movement and tracking. This reduces stress on knee joints during exercise and heavy usage, effectively relieving acute & chronic knee pain, while maintaining comfort. Adjustable Straps KneeAssist™ is designed with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the level of pressure to suit your comfort level. Strong and Breathable Material KneeAssist™ features durable, high quality stretchable Lycra fabric, making it soft and comfortable. Mesh holes make it breathable and sweat absorbent, keeping you cool even after hours of wearing. Your Companion in Knee Pain Relief KneeAssist™ is most suitable for the following conditions: Meniscus tear Kneecap tendon tear Arthritis Strains Sprains Fatigue Post-surgery recovery Preventing injuries Sizing Chart Size Knee circumference (inch/cm) M 12.2 - 13.8 inch / 31 - 35 cm L 14.2 - 15.75 inch / 36 - 40 cm XL 16.2 - 17.7 inch / 41 - 45 cm XXL 18.1 - 19.7 inch / 46 - 50 cm
KneeFlex is a knee brace with an adjustable angle plate for support to those with weak knees. KneeFlex is suitable for injury recovery and rehabilitative purposes.
KneeFlex™ - Knee Brace with Adjustable Angle Plate $89.99
  Stabilize your knee and prevent injury with KneeFlex™. * Get 20% OFF When You Buy 2 0°-120° Adjustable Angle KneeFlex™ is a adjustable knee joint support brace that can control the flexion and extension angles of the knee with an angle plate. It provides the perfect fit and is suitable for both men and women. Injury Prevention and Post Surgery Recovery KneeFlex™ is suitable for the following conditions: Knee collateral ligament injury Meniscal injuries Acute soft tissue injury Knee ligament strain injury ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL tears Post-stroke knee diseases Overstretched knee Knee fractures Prevents twisting movement of knee Multipurpose Design The angle plate and stent supports can be removed from the sleeve and KneeFlex™ can be used as a normal knee brace for compression and warmth. Insert the angled stents for added support after knee surgery and daily wear. Helps reduce injuries and restore strength and stability. Soft Breathable Fabric Made of high quality, soft and breathable material, that's made to last. Breathability will make you comfortable all day long, even after hours of wearing. Easy to Wear Easy wearing and removal with hook and loop fasteners, which are fixed strongly and easy to use. Detachable stent, convenient to clean. Suitable for left or right knee. How to Adjust Angle Plate Push the control lock to 'Unlock' position Adjusting flexion angle: Turn the flexion knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate. Adjusting extension angle: Turn the extension knob to the desired angle as displayed on the angle plate. Push the control lock to 'Lock' position How to Measure Thigh Circumference: With a soft measuring tape, measure 15 cm above the knee joint. Calf Circumference: With a soft measuring tape, measure 12 cm below the knee joint. Sizing Chart  Size Thigh Circumference Calf Circumference S 39 - 45 cm 32 - 39 cm M 45 - 51 cm 39 - 46 cm L 51 - 57 cm 46 - 52 cm
KneeMate is a knee brace with adjustable hinges that can be used to stabilize the knee and protect it from injuries while you enjoy your daily activities. KneeMate can be used to prevent knee injuries while you walk as well as perform a rehabilitative function in injury recovery.
KneeMate™ - Sports/Hiking Knee Brace with Side Stabilizer and Patella Pads $49.99
  Enjoy your walks and hikes without the knee pain with KneeMate™.* 1 piece only (not 1 pair)* Get 20% OFF When You Buy 2 Side Hinged Stabilizer Steel hinged supports stabilize the knee, preventing twisting movements that cause injury. Suitable Applications KneeMate™ is most suitable for the following conditions: Meniscus tear Cramps Arthritis Joint pain relief MCL, ACL, PCL injury popliteal fossa pain Patellar tendonitis Jumpers Knee Post Surgery Recovery Osteoarthritis Bursitis Sports Injuries Injury recovery Relieve Knee Pain Special 'O' ring patella cushion pads adds comfort to the knee caps during knee movement, protecting the knee from injury. Comfortable and Breathable Fabric KneeMate™ is made of breathable perforated mesh fabric that absorbs sweat quickly and makes your workouts more comfortable. Easy Adjustment KneeMate™ includes double adjustable compression bands, which can be tightened through a buckle and easily adjusted to size. KneeMate™ is suitable for size range of 12"-17.32" (30cm-44cm) How to Wear
NeckMate Cervical traction pillow for home and office use Close-up of grey NeckMate™ neck traction pillow
NeckMate™ - Inflatable Cervical Traction Pillow $39.99
  * 20% Off when you buy 2 Release years of built up tension on your neck with NeckMate™, our new Inflatable Neck Traction Pillow. Now you can receive a cervical traction anytime and anywhere. NeckMate™ will leave your neck feeling relaxed, pain free and refreshed. What is Cervical Traction? Cervical Traction is the process of stretching the spinal vertebrae and muscles to relieve pressure and pain. Tension is used to pull or push the head away from the neck, thereby creating a space between the vertebrae. This allows nutrients and water to nourish the intervertebral disc, allowing muscles to relax and relieving pressure on pinched nerves that causes pain, numbness and tingling along the shoulders and arms. What Are The Benefits Of Using NeckMate™? NeckMate™ can be used to help resolve a host of pain related problems around the neck and shoulder areas, including but not limited to: Herniated and bulging disc Pinched nerve Dizziness and tension headaches Chronic neck and shoulder pain Cervical Spondylosis Muscle spasms around the neck Relief nerve pressure and pain Relief numbness and tingling along shoulders, arms and hands Durable Design NeckMate™ is constructed with high quality, durable materials that will last for years to come. Features NeckMate™ supports the neck, while elevating the jawbone. This creates optimal spine alignment, which relieves tension in your nerves. Many people experience relief from back, spine, shoulder pain and spasms No assembly required. Step-by-step instructions ensure you’re getting the best use of our cervical traction unit. We know how important it is to have detailed instructions and we want you to be as comfortable as possible No matter where you are on stiff days, experience cervical traction at home or on the go. It’s soft, lightweight and small enough to fit in your suitcase, purse, car or backpack NeckMate™ is easily adjustable so you can control the amount of air for a comfortable stretch to relax your neck and shoulders 3 inflation tubes for quick on-the-go inflation, as well as a metal valve and connectors for extra durability Promote blood circulation and relieve headaches How to Use NeckMate™ Follow the simple instructions below on wearing NeckMate™ for the best possible results.
Image of OrthoRelieve's ankle compression sleeve in orange color. Image of OrthoRelieve's ankle compression sleeve in black color.
Ankle Compression Sleeve $29.99
  * 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more Does your feet and ankle hurt every time you get up to walk? Do you feel that your ankles are breaking apart? Are you limiting the kinds of activities you can do because of your ankle pain? Our Ankle Compression Sleeve is the solution to deliver comfortable and effective compression that gives you the support and relief that you need. Our Ankle Compression Sleeve guards you against injuries while you enjoy your daily activities from low to high intensity sports. Pain Relief For Ankle Problems This ankle sleeve with primary protection and compression can help soothe pain and aid in recovery from sprains, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle fractures, edema, swelling or just general pain. Injury Prevention They are perfectly suited to prevent injuries in any activity that involves impact to your ankles, including baseball, basketball, CrossFit, soccer, golf, hiking, running, tennis, volleyball etc. Enjoy exceptional ankle support while still maintaining your peak performance and full range of leg motion! Improved Mobility With Full Support The Ankle Compression Sleeve allows full mobility, yet helps limit excessive movements on your ankle, such as plantar inversion or eversion, or twisting motions that can cause ankle sprains and other injuries. You can go for your walks and hikes and step confidently on rocky or uneven surfaces knowing that your ankles are stable and protected from injury. Strong Breathable Compression This ankle compression sleeve is designed to provide superior support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. Made of high quality compression fabric and using 3D weaving technology to increase its strength, it is form fitting, and maintains joint stability regardless of activity. Its breathable and absorbent material means you can wear it all day without worrying about breaking in sweat. Size Chart  Size Shoe size S - M 33 - 37 L - XL 38 - 42 2XL - 3XL 43 - 46
Image of OrthoRelieve's ankle compression sleeve with support straps in green color. Image of OrthoRelieve's ankle compression sleeve with support straps in orange color.
Ankle Compression Sleeve (With Support Strap) $39.99
  * 20% OFF when you buy 2 or more Say hello to pain-free mobility with OrthoRelieve's Ankle Compression Sleeve with Support Strap! Tired of your feet and ankles hurting every time you take a step? Say goodbye to limiting your activities and feeling like your ankles are breaking apart. This ankle compression sleeve is the perfect solution for comfortable and effective compression that delivers the support you need. Featuring breathable and comfortable fabric, our ankle sleeve is made stronger with 3D weaving technology, giving you improved mobility and support. And with two wrap around straps, you get even more stability and protection, so you can enjoy your favorite activities without worry. Pain Relief For Ankle Problems Say goodbye to the pain from sprains, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ankle fractures, edema, swelling, and more. Our ankle compression sleeve offers primary protection and compression, soothing your pain and aiding in recovery. Injury Prevention Whether you're playing basketball, running, hiking, or any other high-impact activity, our ankle sleeve is perfect for injury prevention. Experience exceptional ankle support while still enjoying a full range of motion and peak performance. Improved Mobility With Full Support Stable and protected, our ankle compression sleeve limits excessive movements, such as plantar inversion or eversion, that can cause injury. Enjoy confident steps on even the rocky and uneven surfaces, knowing your ankles are protected. Enhanced Support With Pressurized Strap Take your support to the next level with our pressurized strap system. The wrap around strap enhances compression and stability, holding your ankles tightly together, preventing muscle tremors, and improving blood circulation. Strong Breathable Compression Our ankle compression sleeve is made from high quality compression fabric and reinforced with 3D weaving technology for superior support, comfort, and relief. The form-fitting design ensures joint stability, and the breathable and absorbent material means you can wear it all day without worrying about sweat. Enjoy a pain-free and active lifestyle with OrthoRelieve's Ankle Compression Sleeve with Support Strap! Size Chart  Size Shoe size S - M 33 - 37 L - XL 38 - 42 2XL - 3XL 43 - 46
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