How the Plus Size LumbarExtreme™ Back Brace Can Help Relieve Back Pain

Image of a plus sized woman wearing the 6XL LumbarExtreme heavy duty back brace designed to relieve back pain and support the back from injuries.

If you are a plus sized person and have problems finding a correct sized back brace to deal with your back pain, fret not. LumbarExtreme is here with mega sizes, fitting waist measurements up to 65 inches.

Versatility in size

Image of a large sized man wearing the LumbarExtreme back brace

The LumbarExtreme back brace comes in 9 different sizes ranging from 'S' all the way up to '6XL'. This is a major step up from other back braces in the market which typically have sizes only up to 3XL. The '6XL' brace measures 170cm in length and fits waist sizes of 150-163cm (59-64.1 inch).

Image of a plus sized woman wearing the LumbarExtreme back brace, meant for plus sizes.

This versatility means it is able to fit people with larger waistlines who would otherwise not be able to fit into back braces of smaller sizes from other brands. This has been a chief complaint from larger sized people who have difficulty in finding suitable back braces to treat their back issues.

Relief of back pain and other conditions

Image of a man holding his lower back in pain.

LumbarExtreme is perfect for back conditions like sciatica, slipped disc, muscle spasms. Pains associated with back conditions like herniated disc are effectively alleviated by this back brace. Moreover, this belt will help reduce movements involving twisting and sudden bends; thereby avoiding any aggravation to existing injury. It keeps your posture straight, maintains balance, and gives you full protection as you go about your daily activities.


Close up image of the Lumbar Extreme back brace.

LumbarExtreme can find its use in a multitude of applications. It is recommended for persons involved in work related to lifting heavy objects, like in construction workers, movers, laborers, drivers etc. It is also helpful for housewifes who might find it useful while they do their household chores and even gardening, where one needs to bend and squat constantly.

Image of a fit man wearing the Lumbar Extreme back brace.

People who play golf may find this back brace effective in protecting their back from injury. Gym goers who are looking for extra protection will also find this helpful. LumbarExtreme is also helpful when used in conjunction with a rehabilitation program, or when recovering from a back injury sustained from work or a fall.

Strong neoprene material

Close up image of the fabric of Lumbar Extreme.

LumbarExtreme has a strong inner wrap made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber that is resistant to water, oil, and heat, making it a good insulator. It is also tear resistant, making it durable and long lasting for many years to come. It has a soft and comfortable feel, due to the heavy stitching that goes into the construction of the material. All this translates to greater comfort and support for the back.

Metal splints for stability and support

LumbarExtreme has four metal splints embedded in the fabric - two on each side. This allows the back brace to have some rigidity and firmness, which is needed in a good back brace that provides proper and stable support. It also includes rubber tracking on the outside of the first and fourth splint to hold the belt in place and prevent it from shifting its position while you move.

Special pull straps

Close up image of Lumbar Extreme double pull straps.

LumbarExtreme has special double pull straps that are connected to the back center. When the straps are pulled forward towards the front of the body to be secured, the metal stays are pushed further into the lower back, ensuring better support for the lumbosacral region.

Lightweight and stylish

Image of a slim woman wearing the Lumbar Extreme back brace.

LumbarExtreme can be worn on top or under clothing. It is sleek, low profile, and adds style while at the same time, relieves your back pain.

LumbarExtreme can be purchased here:

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