Extendable Cervical Collar



Extendable Cervical Collar




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Our Medical Grade Adjustable Cervical Collar with Chin Support is ideal for use in prevention and treatment of conditions of the cervical vertebra such as cervical spondylosis and cervical muscle strain, as well as neck support for post operative rehabilitation. Its length is extendable to offer better support and suit people with different neck lengths.

The Extendable Cervical Collar can be extended to suit people with different neck lengths


The cervical collar is ideal for prevention of neck injury as well as auxiliary treatment of the cervical vertebra. It is also perfectly suited as a brace for rehabilitative post surgery recovery.

  • Benign neck injury, cervicobrachial neuralgia
  • Mild cervical cirrhosis, chronic neck pain, migraine
  • Pain from cervical spondylosis and the regulation of joint instability
  • Pain relief and injury prevention
  • Support and correct neck posture, prevent chronic strain
  • Postoperative and rehabilitative care, torticollis (wryneck), compression syndromes, rheumatic and/or degenerative disorders
  • Prevent text neck (the habit of lowering your head when using mobile phones or reading books)
  • Prevent stiff neck
  • Can be used while travelling
The Extendable Cervical Collar is a brace for various neck conditions like cervical spondylosis.


  • Two pieces of self-adhesive support plate for easy height adjustment to suit different neck lengths
  • Well ventilated support plate increases comfort and keeps you cool and sweat free
  • Comfortable chin support that wraps around jaw line
  • Double buckle structure to ensure support is secure and tight
  • Easy to store and wash
The extendable cervical collar includes a soft chin support, air holes for cooling and strong Velcro straps.

    Get Rid Of Text Neck

    Text neck is the unhealthy neck posture formed by leaning forward for prolonged periods, for example when viewing a cellphone while reading and texting, reported to cause stress injuries. The Extendable Cervical Collar ensures your cervical vertebrae is restored to its original, healthy posture.

      The cervical collar is helpful in relieving neck pain and restoring the neck's natural posture.

      Comfortable Chin Support

      Chin support made of soft foam adds comfort and avoids obstruction to the jaw line and ensures your chin and jaws are adequately protected.

      The extendable cervical collar includes air holes to allow air to circulate, thereby keeping your skin cool.

      Air Holes For Breathability

      12 air holes allow air to circulate within the structure, keeping the cervical collar well ventilated. You will feel you cool and sweat free as you wear throughout the day.
      Strong Velcro straps secure the cervical collar together.

      Strong Velcro Support

      The Extendable Cervical Collar is secured at the ends with strong Velcro, ensuring optimum support without worrying about the brace falling off.
      Image of the back view of the extendable cervical collar as worn by a woman.

      Sizing and Measurement

      Using a soft measuring tape, measure around you neck circumference, and then refer to the size chart below to choose the correct size.

      Size chart for the extendable cervical collar.
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